Rivet Setter & Copper Rivets

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Rivet Setter & Copper Rivets
Uses iconic solid copper rivets
27B04.10 Rivet Kit (+25 rivets)

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27B04.04 Box Copper Rivets

In stock


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The Rivet Setter is a very simple tool for setting snug and attractive Copper Rivets. Using a medium weight hammer, it will seat the Burr (washer), pulling your fabrics tightly together. Once you've cut the excess rivet shank down (just proud of the Burr), the Setter will also peen over the cut-end permanently holding the pieces together (think of classic Levi blue jeans). It's a very strong and attractive way to reinforce high stress areas. Use our Revolving Hole Punch (link) to create a snug hole for the rivet shank. Detailed instructions will come with the kit. Each Rivet Setter Kit comes with 25 Copper Rivets to get you started. It's all a very satisfying kind of work. A box of 100 Copper Rivets may be purchased separately.

The Rivets are size 12.
Length overall is 3/4" and the diameter under the head is .137” (a smidge over 1/8).

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Overall Rating
  • Very Easy to Use and is a Useful Tool to Own!

    Kathleen, 9/2/2020 I have used this now for over a year and I can say that I have used it extensively. The copper rivets are beautiful against the darkened leather products I have been working with. I love how the whole kit it portable and is very easy to use with a high degree of success. There is a fast learning curve in order to use these rivets without going through the full thickness of the material you are working with.
    I simply love this kit!
  • Great company to do business with

    Susie Mancini, 8/15/2020 I have been searching for good quality beautiful rivets like the Copper rivets that I received from Garretwade.com. I am a newbie at setting rivets but the rivet tool setter tool that I also bought from this company made it very simple even for me. I will be ordering all of my rivets and supplies from Garretwade.com Very good customer service.
  • Best tool for the job

    Simon, 4/27/2020 The Rivet Setter does exactly what it is designed for and does it so very well. Extremely well made and solid, refreshing in this throw away age to have something that will last for generations.
  • Well made tool

    Eric, 4/25/2020 I've used lots of tools like this from lots of leather companies--none are this stout though... Well made, and the weight makes it easy to use. Just make sure you know what size of rivet you have and the length of the stud
  • Absolutely Riveting! - Like a good book - I couldn't put it down.

    Steve, 3/12/2019 Extremely solid construction and easy to use. Works very well with heavier leather.
  • Great Tool

    David, 12/14/2018 Great tool, Very happy with it. Solid heavy weight construction
  • Excellent riveting tool

    Ed Fussell, 6/8/2018 Excellent product. Fastens thick leather securely as I had hoped.
  • Rivet setter

    Bill Fitz, 4/3/2018 I bought the Osborn rivet tool and like it so much I bought another one for my Brother in Law. I is the perfect tool for the job.
  • Works well

    George, 12/9/2017 worked very well on the items I needed to repair.
  • Great little rivet tool!

    Cathy Vaughn, 10/13/2017 This is a very nice old style rivet setter; well made and intuitive to use. While intended for setting rivets in leather, I use it to join copper panels, and it works great. The rounding feature is a nice touch
  • works

    cj, 7/6/2017 worked as expected
  • Why does a review need a title?

    Don Post, 1/2/2017 Handy tool to have for someone who's been heading rivets with a hammer. Although, on the one I got the heading indent seems deeper than necessary.
  • How many copper rivets in a box?

    Greg Mead, 2/27/2016 After using up all 25 copper rivets that came with the tool (not complaining, mind you - my project looks great), I ordered the box of rivets. I was wondering how many rivets came in the box, but there's no info on the site about that. I received the box yesterday, and even there, there's no info on the box, either. So I counted out 30 rivets and washers, weighed them (68 g/30 rivets), then weighed the total rivets (447 g). That worked out to 197 rivets. Call it 200. So given the price of the box (roughly $40), that works out to $40.00/200 rivets, or 20cents per rivet and washer.

    Seems like a reasonable price (in the absence of other info), but it would be nice, Garrett Wade, if you would put that info (at least the # of rivets in the box) on your website.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your comments on the Rivet Setter and Copper Rivets. Your idea is a good one! We have passed along your comments for consideration.
  • Rivet Setter

    Kirk Kleist, 8/19/2015 Excellent tool for leather work.
  • Handyman Sweetness

    Steve Derr, 6/1/2015 After struggling with Pop Rivets & J-B WELD to do what I knew was a simple job. I got the job done 1,2,3! Very Nice.
  • E-Z Riveter

    S J Maloney, 3/10/2015 This tool is very easy & intuitive to use. Which is very good, since no instructions were provided with the set! At least, not with My Set!!
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