Rockhard Table Top Varnish

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Rockhard Table Top Varnish
Abrasion resistant and fast drying
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Rockhard Varnish is Behlen's top of the line natural resin Varnish. Hardest of the hard, it will not scratch white and has maximum resistance to abrasion, water, alcohol, chemicals and detergents. Creates a high gloss finish which is very tough and flexible. Use only the special Rockhard Reducer for thinning and cleaning. Also makes a good floor varnish. Non-toxic when dry.

Rockhard Varnish Reducer is a specially formulated solvent for Rockhard Table Top Varnish. Used to reduce varnish 50, it makes an ideal sealer coat. Subsequent coats can be reduced up to 25 to allow improved brushing and flow characteristics. It can also be used to clean equipment and brushes.

NOTE: Due to impending laws on air quality control and other health concerns, these items have been restricted from shipping to California.

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  • Long Lasting

    Ann Fox, 8/10/2014 Used this to refinish a kitchen bench which had an old finish that kept sticking to people's clothes. Fifteen years later and the Rockhard finish has the same shine and luster as it did the day I put it on! It wears like iron!
  • Rockhard Varnish

    Big Joe, 9/2/2013 This is a review of Behlen B603-28806 Rockhard Table Top Varnish, or Garrett catalog number 99P52.02 Good stuff BUT you need to buy twice as much Behlen Rockhard Reducer, some disposable brushes. Also Garrett Wade needs to offer this in pints, Behlen makes it in pints. Because, once opened, this has ZERO shelf life. The brushes will not clean, waste of time and good brushes, just throw then away. What do you expect for a very hard urethane that is impervious to everything once it dries? Also stinks when drying and is a health hazard until it dries. But very useful in high wear areas, I use it in high perspiration areas and it works a lot better than anything else I have tried. Joe
  • Perfect purpose designed solvent

    Stan Hash, 11/18/2010 This is a single purpose designed solvent for rock hard varnish--it does the job both as a thinner (very necessary) and as a clean-up solvent.
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