Rolling Tool Storage

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New Rolling Tool Storage
keep tools accessible no matter where you are
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43B02.01 Rolling Tool Organizer

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43B02.02 Additional Small Box

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43B02.03 Additional Medium Box

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All Boxes (one each Small, Medium and Large sized) are 17" long by 12" wide. The Small size is 4½" high and has 7 compartments with fixed dividers. The Medium is 5½" high with moveable dividers, and the Large is 10½" high, fully open for power tools. Each has four clasp clamps to secure it to the box below or to the Base. The Base wheels can be locked in position, if needed. Additional boxes can be easily added.

Wheel your tools around the shop, or disengage any one of the three Boxes and grab the aluminum handle. Comes with labels to catalog your contents. And best of all, it’s affordable.

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