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Rosewood Handled Garden Pruners
$ 43.5
A matching pair of sturdy and dependable hand pruners should be in every garden shed - the most commonly used pruners in the garden: bypass pruners or secateurs, and flower snips or clippers. Our handsome Rosewood Handled Set fits the bill with style - attractive, well made and very affordable. Made of solid forged steel, highly polished bodies and polished Rosewood grips. The bypass pruners are ideal for cutting live woody material without damage to the plant - that's why they are the go-to pruners for horticulturalists. The flower snips excel at cutting flower stems quickly and easily, even when working in a dense clump. Snips of this type are an excellent tool for trimming cut flowers and bouquets – they are standard gear in most florist shops. Both pruners are 8" long. Bypass shears weigh 11oz., and the snips weigh 9.5oz.
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