Rosewood Handled Garden Pruners

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Rosewood Handled Garden Pruners
Attractive, well-built and affordable
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77A04.10 Rosewood Handled Garden Pruners

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A matching pair of sturdy and dependable hand pruners should be in every garden shed - the most commonly used pruners in the garden: bypass pruners or secateurs, and flower snips or clippers. Our handsome Rosewood Handled Set fits the bill with style - attractive, well made and very affordable. Made of solid forged steel, highly polished bodies and polished Rosewood grips. The bypass pruners are ideal for cutting live woody material without damage to the plant - that's why they are the go-to pruners for horticulturalists. The flower snips excel at cutting flower stems quickly and easily, even when working in a dense clump. Snips of this type are an excellent tool for trimming cut flowers and bouquets – they are standard gear in most florist shops. Both pruners are 8" long. Bypass shears weigh 11oz., and the snips weigh 9.5oz.
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Overall Rating
  • Poor craftsmanship

    Martin McGreal, 12/23/2017 My wife bought these for me for Christmas. I steered her toward Garret Wade for gift ideas because I enjoyed the quality scissors I bought in this catalog. However, after seeing these in person and reading the other reviews here, I can confidently say that Garret Wade’s reputation for quality is overhyped. The steel for these pruners was sloppily ground where the handles join the body and the tang is left too thick so the rosewood handles are made too thin to match, causing the splitting you can read about in the other reviews.The shaping of the rosewood itself is poorly executed resulting in the need to use epoxy to fill in the gaps. I feel bad for having steered my wife to buying these and then being so disappointed. Apparently she sent back another set before these.
  • Poor quality handles.

    K Stevens, 10/17/2017 The pair that I received are simply not high-quality construction. One of the wood pieces on the handles was broken, then glued together on the handle. The area around the rivets looks like the exit side of a drill hole, making me wonder if they were misassembled. There is 2mm of filler between the two wooden pieces of one of the tools. I can't comment on how good the steelwork is on these, since I do not want to get blisters from the snags on the handles.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Rosewood Handled Garden Pruners. That doesn't sound right to us. It seems you received a pair that is defective, and for that, we apologize. Please feel free to return them for a replacement. Our technician will make sure you get a mint pair. Again, we are sorry this happened.
  • Nice gift!

    Sandra McCorkle, 11/29/2016 I purchased these as a gift for my niece and hope they are as good as they look. They look sturdy and are very attractive.
  • Disappointed

    Pat dietrich, 11/10/2016 I was disappointed in the quality of the handles. They seems not the fit the shaft very well so there is a lot of -what? Glue? Filler? -) where they are connected instead of a clean fit. Also the rivets on some handles are not completely flush so your hand catches on them. I haven't had a chance to use them yet but it looks like they will work fine. I bought several sets for Christmas presents and will still give them, but I'm not as proud of them as I hoped I would be.
  • Rosewood Handled Garden Tools

    Creighton Riepe, 8/25/2016 Really nice hand tools. The rosewood handles are beautiful and feel especially nice in your hand.
  • Pruners for the neighbor,s garden

    Roy w smith, 7/28/2016 I purchased the pruners for my neighbor who is generous with garden advice and encouragement.
    She was pleased and has tossed the scissors that was tearing her blooms. Rosewood also impressed her.
    I trust they will meet garrettwade' high standards.
  • Excellent in every way

    L Kent Brown, 6/11/2016 Really pleased with this purchase; excellent quality and performance.
  • Great set of hand trimers

    Arthur Weidner, 6/11/2016 Works well.
  • Open wide and say Ahhhh.....

    Marcia , 6/5/2016 The pruners do a good job on my sculpted junipers. Both they and the flower trimmers do not open wide enough to work well on tougher stems. Otherwise, the handles are lower quality but the price is too, so fairly priced.
  • Handle quality concerns

    David, 5/26/2016 overall a pair of hefty pruners. The bypass pruner's handle may be coming apart.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Rosewood Handled Garden Pruners. You may have received a defective pair. We'll be happy to exchange them for you. Our technician will check out the replacement before sending them to you.
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