Rosewood Stencil Knife

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Rosewood Stencil Knife
58B01.09 Rosewood Stencil Knife

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A good utility knife is a must in just about any home or shop. Woodworkers use them to make crisp, exacting layout lines on boards; papercrafters use them to create intricate patterns achievable only by the sharpest, most finely honed point. Most of us get by with the semi-disposable model, tossing dull blades in the trash and replacing them over and over. We propose something more refined and responsive. Plastic and aluminum simply can’t compete with the feel of natural rosewood. With a 3/4” blade and measuring 5 1/2” in total, this Stencil Knife is made in England and features sturdy brass. It’s easy to sharpen and will maintain an edge far superior to any disposable blades. This tool will improve every facet of your work.

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