Rugged Folding Knife with Saddle Lock

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Rugged Folding Knife with Saddle Lock
Trigger-Style locking mechanism
75A01.05 Rugged Folding Knife with Saddle Lock

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This tough and handsome folding knife, with its 3-3/4” blade (Overall open length 8-3/8"), features an unusual saddle-style locking mechanism that straddles the knife back. Beautifully designed, with dark, resin-impregnated wood scales and delicate curlicue scrollwork on the stainless steel bolsters. Visually, it has a graceful curve whether closed or opened, and a very pleasant weight in the hand.

It’s not only an excellent tool, but beautiful to look at and to hold as well. And it has a stainless steel pocket clip. This is an exceptionally interesting looking knife.
Blade Thickness:
Blade Length:
Overall Length:
Blade Material:
Stainless Steel
Handle Material:
Steel + Resin

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Overall Rating
  • Awesome Knife.

  • Fantastic Blade

    Jordan P, 9/14/2020 I am absolutely loving the knife. Its functionality is perfect for every day use. The blade is sharp. The craftsmanship is fantastic as well. Definitely be buying as a gift for friends and family
  • My Knife

    Stephen K, 8/5/2020 This is the Knife of knifes, I just love everything about it. Steve K , WV

  • Almost an art object...

    John, 11/5/2019 I have purchased three of these knives, as my first was stolen from my vehicle and because I liked the look of this knife so much I had to purchase a replacement. I just bought another to give as a Christmas gift. I must however say that I only paid the full purchase price for the first one I bought and bought the other two at the sale price which makes the knife a great bargain. I have noticed that the quality of the blade(s) has been different on each of them...the sides of the blade have not been ground equally which is very noticeable on one of them. The sharpness of the blades is excellent however. I would definitely recommend purchasing this knife when it is on sale...I purchased my first one solely on the look of the knife as it is a beautiful item.
  • Nice knife

    John, 11/5/2019 Good looking knife. I was not expecting the clip, and I removed it . My fault, didn't read the description completely. I would buy it again
  • Great knife

    Michael, 9/25/2019 Great quality. Perfect size.
  • Unique Folder

    Jason, 9/24/2019 I love this unique folder! The curve of the blade makes for a nice appearance when it is open. The resin-covered wood on the handle contrasts nicely with the stainless scrollwork. And I really like the saddle lock. It adds an unusual element to it.
  • Beautiful knive

    Chuck, 4/8/2019 Good knife well made . Well worth the price. Very nice knife.
  • Good, but not perfect.

    Charles Stevens , 3/15/2019 Not a bad knife at all, but has some minor flaws. The bevel (cutting edge of blade) on the knife I received was quite a bit different on one side, likely a mistake during grinding. Not devastating, just a lack of QC. Also, when the knife is closed, the blade sits a bit high, causing the tip of the blade to be exposed. Had to stop carrying it as it was slicing holes in my pocket. Other than that, it's a decent blade, holds a good edge, strong rivets and bolsters, and not too hard on the eyes, of course! All in all, not a bad budget piece, but I wouldn't pay the original retail for the specific piece I received. Clearance price is reasonable though.
  • Great Knife

    JIm, 2/16/2019 Top notch knife for the money. Good steel and excellent craftsmanship.
  • Nice knife

    Shon , 2/10/2019 Nice knife good steel in blade holds a very sharp edge
  • Cool Knife

    Coe, 1/29/2019 Cool Knife.
  • Amazing Knife / long story

    MaryJo Johnson, 12/31/2018 Started my search to give my husband a nice gift for Christmas. That being a knife to replace one that had been stolen a couple years ago! Garrett Wade came up and reviews were awesome so I placed an order pocket knife with a saddle back latch . Package showed delivered in my email, no where to be found :( after contacting ups they couldn’t find my current address so they left at a previous address lol so my husband went by the address and the sweet lady had the package. This was Christmas Eve “I know” cut that close no pun intended
    Needless to say Christmas he was very happy as I was also!!! Excellent quality, razor sharp , great price & BEAUTIFUL
    One of the best purchases I have made Garrett Wade now has new long term customers!
  • Beginning knife collector

    Jon, 11/25/2018 Super pleased with this well made solid knife. Perfect size for s pocket knife and built like a Yukon.
  • Beautiful and strong, but

    Larry Auterino, 10/23/2018 Beautiful looking knife. Well constructed but a little too heavy to carry comfortably .
  • This is a very well built beauty

    Richard Franklin, 5/5/2018 The knife is very rugged and well built. It is equally paired with its beauty. A beautiful design featuring a strong lock. The blade takes and holds a good sharp edge. Well worth the money.
  • Nice Christmas Gift

    Beverly Norman, 12/14/2017 Bought this knife for my husband for Christmas. Shipment came very quick and the knife looks very nice quality. The scroll work on it really gives a nice finishing touch.
  • Better than I expected.

    A. Kerner, 12/11/2017 Seems to be a real high quality knife for a very fair price. The workmanship makes it a beautiful and substantial item. It has a clip to keep it in one place on your person...nice touch. The scroll work is very attractive. I just keep looking at it. You have sold me a work of art as well as a useful tool. Thanks GW!
  • Great folding knife

    Gennaro Niro, 12/4/2017 Very good quality, for a very good price.
  • Accurate

    Belle , 11/10/2017 Wow I did not expect such quality in the design and craftsmanship. Absolutely beautiful
  • Rugged folding knife w/trigger lock

    Eugene Hartnell, 11/7/2017 A really nice knife - l really like the scrollwork,the shape and feel -- A definite winner for the price.
  • Great knife

    Scott R Gibbs, 11/5/2017 Great knife, really liked it.
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