Rule Stop for Accurate & Fast Layout

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Rule Stop for Accurate & Fast Layout
Fits any steel or aluminum ruler
16R01.01 Rule Stop for Accurate & Fast Layout

Available 03/01/2019


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Imagine how useful it would be to lock off any measure along your steel rule, and then rapidly mark this distance off again and again, with ease and confidence.

This stop, made for Garrett Wade, is a carefully machined jig that easily slips on and off virtually any of your rules (up to 1-5/16" wide). The base of the stop is 3/4" wide-more than enough to provide solid support for the back of the rule. The brass nut moves easily up and down the threaded rod to clamp the stop firmly in position. The image shows a pair but this is sold individually.

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  • Style and Substance

    Alex, 11/8/2018 It's a beautiful thing when the structure of a tool informs both style and substance equally. A friend of mine was using one and my eye was immediately drawn to it as with just a glance, the functionality of the Rule Stop is obvious. Perfectly threaded tension rod, angled clamp mouth to prevent rule slippage, machined cuts for a perfect square and as stated, aesthetics. Simplicity is beautiful.
  • Rule stop

    Brian Noel, 10/29/2018 Very clever devise, kept in the apron you can quickly turn your 6" rule into a square. Works good and is well made. Worth getting for sure.
  • Rule stop great and priced right.

    Robert E. Thompson, 9/7/2018 It worked exactly as advertised and what I wanted AND very reasonably priced.
  • High quality. Wonderfully designed.

    Michael Schulman, 4/27/2018 Loved the two I purchased. Using it on two different rulers. What a neat product. Saves time and increases accuracy.
  • Ruler stop a must have

    Nicholas Hanson, 2/17/2017 A must have for the most meticulous person. This tool allows for measuring and to get the perfect cut or measurement. I use mine on leather and could see myself using it on wood in the near future.
  • Ruler Stop

    John, 7/11/2016 I use the ruler stop on my 14mm x 150mm ruler up to my 30mm x 400mm ruler when making model boats of all kinds. The ruler stop performs up to my expectations and is a worthwhile addition to my tool chest. Delivery from order to receipt was also excellent.
  • An excellent device

    Syncopator, 12/1/2015 Very useful indeed. Mounted on a rule the combination can be used as a square.
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