Saddle Squares

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Saddle Squares
Dependable accuracy & infinite usefulness
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80J01.04 Standard Saddle Square

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80J01.05 Large Saddle Square

Available 12/26/2018


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In any job where you want to wrap a line around a square edge (for example, marking lines around a post, marking tenons or laying out a mortise) it's surprisingly tough to do quickly and accurately. Try it. You'll be surprised at how difficult it is to wrap 4 lines around a board and have the last line meet the first.

This simple tool solves that common problem once and for all. All 2" wide faces are machined of anodized aluminum to within 1/4°. The legs on the Standard Saddle Square are 1-1/4" & 2-1/4" long. The Large Saddle Square is designed with legs 1-3/8" and 3-3/8" long - to match a standard 2 x 4, and has a center slot to locate the centers of studs in wall layout. Most woodworkers find that both sizes are very useful.

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Overall Rating
  • Another Winner from Veritas

    Bob Grace, 10/17/2017 Excellent quality and easy to use--just what I was expecting from Veritas.
  • Perfect for marking accurate cut lines

    S, 5/12/2017 It's great
  • great tool

    James, 3/4/2017 bought this one because i had small one and loved it
  • Saddle square

    Richard Haddad , 11/28/2016 As an ironworker I work with structural steel tube columns etc. this tool is great for marking a square cut on edges that have a radius. Make them larger please! Thank you
  • Handy little tool.

    Garry Stubbs, 7/4/2016 Great quality item and very handy to transfer layout lines..
  • Saddle Square

    James Dalafave, 11/8/2014 A very effective tool for any woodworker. It has increased my accuracy and speed of work. It is well constructed ad accuracy.
  • Great Tool

    Mike, 7/7/2014 After decades of using try and combo squares to lay out lines around a board and having to check and recheck the lines since they more times than not did not meet, I could not pass up this tool. I tried it out and was impressed with its accuracy and quality (hey, it is after all a Veritas tool). I do a fair amount of mortise cutting in two-by stock so will get a lot of use out of it.
  • Great

    James Dalafave, 2/15/2014 This item is very useful, and is well made. I use it on almost all of my project work.
  • Saddle Sq

    Flip Maguire, 1/13/2014 I've already used this item more than I ever used my expensive double square!
  • Saddle Squares

    Loring, 3/26/2013 I have had the small saddle square for a while. And recently got the larger one. While you could build you own very cheaply using scraps of wood or plexiglass acrylic plastic the Veritas squares are a quick solution with nicely machined finish, accurate angles and a good feel in the hand. You can also use a combination square and eyeball a wraparound line on a piece of lumber but you have to have the parallax perfect and be really careful. With the saddle squares you get a very quick, very repeatable solution when you need an extended line on 2, 3 or four sides of a piece of lumber. I'm glad I have them in my toolbox layout tools drawer. Get the large one if you do a lot of 2x4 work. Get the smaller if you do a lot of work with one-bys and smaller items.
  • These saddle square very nice addition to layout tools

    KevinT., 4/15/2009 I enjoy working with wood, building furniture, as well as useful items for our home and making gifts for friends. I have found the Veritas saddle square extremely handy for layout task on woodworking projects. It makes transferring lines around-the-horn on stock a no-brainer! It is such a simple tool but it sure makes little steps go quicker on furniture projects. I am pleased with the tool and would recommend adding it to the layout tool collection for other woodworkers.
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