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Saddle Squares
$ 18.95 23.30
In any job where you want to wrap a line around a square edge (for example, marking lines around a post, marking tenons or laying out a mortise) it's surprisingly tough to do quickly and accurately. Try it. You'll be surprised at how difficult it is to wrap 4 lines around a board and have the last line meet the first.

This simple tool solves that common problem once and for all. All 2" wide faces are machined of anodized aluminum to within 1/4°. The legs on the Standard Saddle Square are 1-1/4" & 2-1/4" long. The Large Saddle Square is designed with legs 1-3/8" and 3-3/8" long - to match a standard 2 x 4, and has a center slot to locate the centers of studs in wall layout. Most woodworkers find that both sizes are very useful.
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