Safety Mustache Scissors

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Safety Mustache Scissors
02B02.03 Safety Mustache Scissors

Available 02/20/2021


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The 4-1/2" long Safety Mustache Scissors have ball tips to prevent accidental pricking. For some reason they are very hard to find - but certainly are a great comfort to non-professional users.

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Overall Rating
  • Safety Mustache Scissors

    James, 5/25/2020 These scissors do one job (trimming), and do it perfectly. A safe, reliable tool. I always have one available at home, and one for travel.
  • Great trimmer

    Albert Raden, 4/6/2020 Great item for trimming moustache, eyebrows, ear hair, etc, without any blood flow.
  • Great Little Scissors

    Andy L Pettitt, 11/6/2019 Great little scissors. Very well made and sharp. They do the job.
  • Quality

    Anthony F Matise Sr, 9/21/2019 Always excellent quality.
  • Beautiful safety scissor

    Bernice , 11/11/2018 The safety scissor was a beautiful item and very sharp. Only the packing of items was terrible, everything looked like just tossed in a box, the item was not secured to the plastic guard and the scissor was loose in the box with other items, gratefully no items were damaged. There should have been more packing material to guard the several items in box.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Safety Mustache Scissor. We're happy to hear you're satisfied with it! We plan on addressing the issue about the packing. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
  • Great trimmer

    Richard , 4/3/2018 Well made...rounded end prevents accidental stabs. Highly recommend.
  • Need curve on end

    John Gehan, 10/23/2017 These mustache scissors are sharp, tight, and well made, but there is a problem: They should be curved at the end to allow trimming in tight places.
  • Definitely worth the price for ouchless trimming!

    Jofran, 3/4/2016 These scissors are sharp and easy to use to trim my beard and mustache and actually fit my near-sausage-like fingers. They have already saved me from errant punctures and unnecessary bleeding.
  • Perfect

    Patrick, 6/19/2014 Years ago you sold a brand, Andre Tisserand, that I still have. They are stellar. These are the same and recommended to anyone!
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