Sailor’s Rigging Knife

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New Sailor’s Rigging Knife
complete with usa-made leather sheath
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75A01.40 Sailor’s Rigging Knife

Available 07/23/2018


Some time ago, one of our Garrett Wade staffers stumbled on a vintage version of the special sheath knife at a weekend “flea market” in England and bought it – and ever since then we have worked to find a way to bring it back for our customers. This year we found success with an Asian firm with the quality we demanded. Blade 3", overall length 8". A blend of steel, polished Brass and Rosewood grips – together with a USA made leather belt-sheath. It’s a beauty, and we are proud of ourselves to stick with the task to completion. It makes an excellent all-around “work” knife. We think that anyone (especially with a nautical bent) will love it.

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