Salami Slicer

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Salami Slicer
Wickedly sharp, easy-to-use kitchen cutter
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02B07.05 Salami Slicer

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The serrated 4” steel blade of this sausage and salami slicer, made in France, slices at a 45 degree angle cleanly and quickly. Just pull back on the Maple handle, insert the sausage into the gap, and slide the handle forward again. A metal pin locks the blade securely when not in use, and the entire handle with blade slides easily out for cleaning. Can accommodate sausages up to 2½” diameter. Of course, it will cut other things too – carrots, cucumbers, etc.

Handsome, handy, easy to use, and safe. We have to admit it’s one of the coolest things we’ve seen in a long while. Put it on your kitchen counter--you’ll use it all the time. Base measures 11 x 6”.

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