Schuco Micro-Models Dirt Track Racers

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New Schuco Micro-Models Dirt Track Racers
45B01.51 Micro Racer - Yellow

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47B01.70 Set of Three Micro Racers

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These tiny (3" long models ) fundamentally represent an early version of Nascar. Following the Second World War hundreds of medium sized town and small cities built oval dirt tracks (raced counterclockwise, as this writer recollects) that provided a local outlet for the unrequited thirst for relatively safe motor sport – i.e. car racing. (The Indy 500 was the only national event.) Racing car makers designed and produced these small single seat racers that quenched this thirst – essentially midget Indy-model racers. They are steerable wind-ups. Very cute and very collectable as they have not been made for decades. A set of three: Yellow, Gray, and Red.

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