Secret Knife with Horn Scales

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Secret Knife with Horn Scales
beautiful, functional and a bit mysterious
01B01.31 Secret Knife with Horn Scales

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This unusual and clever knife (7" long open) looks like a perfectly straightforward folder, with natural horn scales, scrollwork on the spine, and the distinctive, graceful French Thiers curvature, but if you examine it closely, you’ll see that there is no fingernail slot on the blade, and no amount of pulling will open it. Very strange – unless you know the trick, which is to hold it vertically with the blade pointing up, and squeeze the blade shut at the tip. This springs it open. To close it, simply reverse the steps.

This is your secret. It’s really incredibly cool (the trick is a little ball bearing that rolls in and out of position). A gift to appreciate.
Blade Thickness:
Blade Length:
Overall Length:
Blade Material:
Stainless Steel/ 14C28N
Handle Material:
Horn + Stainless Steel

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Overall Rating
  • Beautiful knife- maybe offer more handle materials too?

    John, 10/3/2019 Just got this knife. Obviously horn has variance so your handle scales are not going to look like the ideal model picture. One on mine looks similar to the one in the video. Both horn scales are solid, just make sure to care for them as horn needs to be cared for. Blade is sharp and mirror polished out of the box. The backspring etching is actually an extra option for this knife, but Garrett Wade has it standard. Puts this knife in a whole another class. Build quality is great, action is smooth. Highly recommended especially if you're going to a fancy steakhouse, or cutting up food for an elder whose incisors don't work well anymore. Clean the inside and the joint of the polishing compound and oil the joints and secret part- you'll also see that the manufacturer has smoothed out the INSIDE of the knife (not many do that, especially lower priced knives). Keep it in the leather sheath when you carry it in your pocket so you don't scratch this breathtaker up. And Garrett Wade shipped it fast.
  • French knife, French instructions - but beautiful knife

    John, 5/29/2019 The knife is made in France and my knife included instructions in FRENCH and not in English. I had a rough idea of what it said, having had high school French but missed the most important part. I thought it was saying to press the tip of the blade to close it - it only worked some of the time. What it actually said is to close it, direct the tip of the blade downwards. Similarly, to open, direct the tip of the blade upwards. Duh! It is an excellent and beautiful knife with fine engraving along the spine and excellent fit and finish. Razor sharp. BUT an English set of instructions will help. Unless you are reading this - then you know how to work it.
  • Secret knife

    Daryl, 4/18/2019 The “secret” knife is of very good steel and sharpens to a razor edge.
  • Looking Good

    Rononna, 12/8/2018 The Secret Knife is the most unique knife I've ever seen. I show it off to all my friends & enjoy watching them try to open it. It feels good in my hand & looks good to my eye.
  • Knife (secret opening)

    Stan Sanders, 8/19/2018 INTRIGUING!! Men love it. It well could become a favorite toy. Sharp, too.
  • Good name

    Will, 5/8/2018 Great curiosity, a must to have,
  • A stellar gift for any man!

    Lou Sorchiotti, 4/2/2018 The French have mastered the concept of style, form, and function in knife making. This particular piece is sleek, easy to carry, and razor sharp. The secret to its opening and closing makes it an intriguing knife to own. A very desirable piece!
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