Set Three Vintage Butcher’s Knives

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Sale Set Three Vintage Butcher’s Knives
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02B15.80 Set Three Vintage Butcher’s Knives

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The three items in this Butcher Knife set all have steel blades and dyed black European beech wood scales. Ergonomic handles, with three brass pins and partial tangs.

This style Skinning Knife is common in butcher shops all over France. The blade has a reverse curve that allows for sweeping arcs while skinning. 10" overall, with 5-1/4" blade. The cutaway near the bolster of this Filet Knife keeps the blade thin and flexible for fileting meat or fish away from the bone. 11" long with a 6" blade. This design of the Utility Knife makes it good for all around kitchen tasks (except skinning), including breaking up whole chickens. 10-1/4" long with 5-1/2" blade. Part of our re-discovered stash of vintage cutlery from Theirs, Frances, a city renowned for its mastery and history of knife making. Because these are vintage, quantities extremely limited. When gone, stocks cannot be replaced. Hand wash and dry. No dishwasher.

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