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Makes a perfect gift for a woodworker
67B01.10 Set of 4 Ebony Trim Planes

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67B01.01 Flat Sole Trim Plane

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67B01.02 Sideways Curve Trim Plane

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67B01.03 Lengthwise Curve Trim Plane

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67B01.04 Chamfer Trim Plane

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Each is 7/8" wide and 3-1/4" long, and each sole is shaped differently to solve a specific detail, trim or shaping need: Flat, Chamfer, Curved front to back (single convex), Curved side to side (double convex or "spoon"). Each blade is custom shaped, of course, to fit the sole of its plane body. Although made of beautiful Black Ebony, these are real working tools and should be used. They allow the furniture maker or finish carpenter to do trim work that is otherwise very difficult to accomplish.

Like the Japanese, the Chinese traditionally make plane bodies entirely of wood. This rich culture reaches back at least 1,000 years. Made for Garrett Wade by very experienced craftsmen.

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Overall Rating
  • Excellent edge softner

    Don Gleaton, 3/5/2017 I hope you don't discontinue the sale of these planes, they are functional and are made beautifully of Ebony. I would probably use a larger one for easing a door edge, but for small projects this this my preferred tool to go to! Buy one before they're gone!!
  • Excellent Product

    David Starwood, 9/19/2016 It’s not often that you are pleasantly surprised when you buy a tool who’s price makes you wonder about quality of the tool. But the Sideways Curve Trim Plan. surpassed all my expectations, Beautifully made, excellent quality and out-of-the box ready to use. My only regret is that I did not buy the complete set right away.
  • Picture was misleading.

    John Derrick, 1/14/2016 Received these planes and thought "Uh-Oh", I was naive to think the case shown in the pictures was included. But the quality and usefulness of the planes is first rate. They will be getting a lot of use in my hand tool only shop. Maybe making their own case?
  • Great Little Plane

    Mike S., 7/13/2015 Very useful little plane. I use it for shaping braces on the acoustic guitars I build. Handy, efficient and well constructed. Who could ask for more!
  • For Small Projects (not a toy!)

    Andrew, 1/26/2015 Purchased the straight trim plane for some small box work. The blade came adequately sharp for rough work, but I did hone and polish it for an even better cut. This is not a toy! It really cuts well and the wood body, though small, is sturdy and feels good in the hand, though one needs to get used to the rectangular shape - as one would with a Japanese plane. Adjusting the blade takes some getting used to, especially for anyone more familiar with the standard metal block plane with a screw adjustment (but it's much easier than my old cheapo Stanley metal plane with just a single hold down screw). The tension screw needs to be backed off a little and the blade manipulated to just barely protrude from the body. It takes several tries sometimes, but once set and tightened down, the blade holds and cuts well. I used it to clean the miter cuts from the table saw (45 degrees to the grain) and it worked like a charm. Only down side is getting used to the rectangular shape - there's really no good way to grip the plane and not come in contact with the protruding blade on top.
  • Quality Tools

    Steve Tripp, 12/12/2014 I didn't expect much when I initially got them because of the price, but they surprised me and I use them more often than I thought I would.
  • Not Bad

    Jay Jin, 12/2/2014 Trim Planes Too Small.
  • Quality Workmanship

    Richard Munson, 11/26/2013 These planes are beautifully made and are a joy to hold in your hand. They are perfect for the small job or where working space is limited. They are, indeed, the right tools for the right jobs!
  • Excellent Birthday Gift!

    Lise, 11/26/2013 My woodworker husband admired the set of trim planes in your catalog. They made such a nice gift, because they are beautifully presented and quite lovely themselves. He's been sort of playing with them and enjoying how they feel. And, he already has projects in mind using at least two of them.
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