Set of 5 Micro-Carving Tools

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Set of 5 Micro-Carving Tools
exceptional for delicate detail work
12K04.07 Micro-Carving Tool Set

Available 01/21/2021


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These hand-forged, razor sharp blades are set in octagonal, lightly stained cherry handles. The short blades put the cutting edge right at your fingertips, for unusually good feel and control. Perfect for detailed wood carving, linoleum cuts, model making, furniture restoration, or anything where a delicate touch is required. Each of the five pieces is 5½" long overall, with 4" handles and 1½" blades.

Set includes: 2 mm Straight Gouge; 1.5mm V-Gouge, 3mm V-Gouge; 1.5 mm U-Gouge; 3mm U-Gouge.

Made in the USA.

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