Set of Leaf & Garden Debris Bags

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Set of Leaf & Garden Debris Bags
different capacities for a variety of jobs
35G01.30 Two Small Debris Bags

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35G01.40 Three Large Debris Bags

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You can move these lightweight bags around the yard by the nylon-web handle or strap. Useful for a variety of chores, including raking leaves, collecting grass clippings and weeds, carrying sticks and limbs to a brush pile, or gathering garden debris into curbside bags or onto your compost - and much more.

Sold as a set of two smaller bags which are 23 gallons (approx. 19 x 19 x 20” in dimension), Or as a set of three larger Bags which are 46 gallons (approx. 23 x 23 x 24” in dimension with twice the volume capacity..

Made from sturdy polypropylene (it's like an HD tarp, but thicker), with a U-shaped, internal fiberglass wire to keep the open end open and to hold the shape. A reinforced strip along the bottom allows for easy raking directly into the opening. Collapsible, for compact storage, these bags are so useful, you will likely keep them out and handy all year round.

Employ this handy set of Leaf & Garden Debris Bags for spring cleanup, summer grass-clippings, autumn leaf collection, and much more. Very, very useful.
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  • Great choice

    Judith, 4/19/2020 I ordered the two small debris bags and shared one with my sister. It is plenty big enough for my pruning and weed pulling work. I'm glad I have the small one because even when it is full, I can easily carry it to my composter.
  • Great item for yard clean-up

    Stan Madyda, 10/28/2019 I’m glad I bought this item. It has made yard cleanup easier and faster. Light weight with a wide opening for easy pick-up of leaves and carting them to the compost pile. Collapsible for convenient storage. If I had it last year, I might have gotten all the leaves cleaned up so I wouldn’t have slipped on wet leaves and broken my ankle.
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