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Sale Set of Seven Steel Twist Gimlets
Faster and more convenient than an electric drill
37J03.04 Set of Gimlets (7)

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Gimlets are probably among the most underrated hand tools in the modern workshop. They are easily used for quickly making pilot holes for screws sized from #2 to #9. At this price, these gimlet tools are a terrific value. They will really speed up your work. Made In France. Set of seven: 5/64" to 3/16" (2mm to 5mm)

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Overall Rating
  • Gimlet set

    Randy , 1/12/2021 Got to have for bushcraft projects. My 2nd set. Very well made. Plus the big bonus wife thinks they are cute. Happy wife Happy life.
  • Indispensible Gimlets

    Wendy Sterne, 12/29/2020 My late hubby bought for me years ago: I use mine for many projects: so ordered 5 sets this year for stocking stuffers. I can't imagine a household without a set!
  • So wonderful

    Joan, 12/26/2020 My husband was so impressed with the gimlets. Old world but so useful.
  • A Beauty and a Beast!

    Lisa M., 12/23/2020 These were a gift for a carpenter who loved how they look and how well they work! “So cleanly designed”, he said, “I will display them as well as use them.” Thank You.
  • Beautiful and Accessible

    Allyson, 12/20/2020 I purchased this set for my 5 year old to introduce him to aspects of carpentry. I can't wait for him to start drilling holes for his projects- I know he'll love it.
  • Well made tools

    Mary Zaborowski , 12/18/2020 These giblets are beautifully made in old world style.
  • Ideal

    Paul, 10/17/2020 A very handy tool. I don't need to use an awl to start a hole.
  • Great product

    Randy, 9/18/2020 Great. Just what I need
  • Best tools

    Rhonda Deese, 7/26/2020 I tried these as soon as they arrived and it is so much easier that holding a huge heavy drill to start screws. This is one of my favorite tools now.
  • Gimlet set

    Laurie Burnham, 7/3/2020 Lovely, well-engineered and well-designed tools; so glad I have them.
  • Conveniently Functional and Beautiful on The Wall

    Daneen, 7/3/2020 I purchased these to be able to use instead of my power drill (which is often too powerful, and almost never handy when I discover I need it). I also like tools that are beautiful in appearance. These are wonderfully effective as a tool---and look terrific hanging from an antique bronze ring on the wall nearest my door to the back garden (where most of my projects happen, on a whim). I LOVE this set and am already planning to gift several for Christmas.
  • Perfect For Small Crafts

    Rogelio Rendon, 5/25/2020 I love using this for wood carving projects where I need to do some drilling. It is much easier than using a powerdrill where drilling at certain angles is difficult. With these, you can literally drill at any starting point. These also work great for my bigger projects where I need to make a pilot hole for drilling.
  • Hundreds of uses.

    David Lewis , 5/25/2020 Many uses. Even used to extract a broken off oil dipstick.
  • Simply Wonderful!

    Sarah Peterson, 5/10/2020 I have a set of Gimlets and have given as a gift. They are beautiful to look at and beautifully made. They are wonder for small delicate project, as well as larger projects. I love this tool on so many levels.
  • Easy, Sharp, Widely useful, Beautiful

    Alison, 4/13/2020 A very handy set of tools, easy to store in my library, beautifully made, strong and sharp, I have used them frequently, most recently to drill holes to set antique Chinese carved shelves. These I recently bought for my son in his new apartment, and my brother, a woodworker.
  • Perfect for accurate drill placement

    Diane, 4/3/2020 I love these. I was at my dad's house and used one of the gimlets to start a hole on the back of his TV cabinet. My brother looked at it and goes "What is that?" I explained; he loved it. I bought him a set for his next birthday.
  • Great Tool

    Cathryn , 3/26/2020 Excellent quality! Extremely sharp, so protect from children.
  • Who knew how much I needed a gimlet?

    Sharon, 1/26/2020 These simple, well-crafted tools are the easiest way to start a pilot hole for screws or picture hanging hooks. No fuss, no miss, and no electricity required.
  • This is a must have tool

    Ernest, 12/10/2019 These are a must have tool. If you are starting a little screw or even some of the larger screws. This tool will let you start just the end of the screw or if you continue twisting the handle it will drill a starter hole perfect for the screw. With a little bit of wax and that brass screw will not strip out.
  • Gimlets to the rescue

    Howard Holmes, 8/26/2019 The gimlets have already proven handy just after receiving them. I was having overload trouble with a battery-operated drill for some pilot holes for an outdoor planter. The gimlets solved this in simple fashion with a few quick turns. My only regret is not having these fine tools in use sooner.
  • Handy Gimlets

    Helen, 8/25/2019 Wish I knew about these a long time ago.This is a simple tool that makes my life easier. I am constantly hanging items inside and out. Now instead of having a drill and a screw driver, I am using the gimlet to start the hole, and there is a lot less juggling of tools.
  • Great woodworking or picture handing aid.

    Leard Huggins, 8/18/2019 I used two different sized the week they arrived. They are great for removing plastic wall anchors from wallboard or wood. They are also an easy tool to make pilot holes for screws. Love them and the multiple sizes
  • Best Tools!

    Anne-Marie, 7/26/2019 Where have these been my 60 years of drilling guide holes? So simple to use and more accurate than marking and coming back to drill. I recently purchased a set for myself and hung some outdoor lights simply without having to get out anything electric. They are a finely made set. These are going in everyone's Christmas stocking!
  • My Need-to-Have Item

    Melanie, 7/7/2019 I have had a set of gimlets for years but recently realized I only have four of the original seven~~so I bought a few more sets. They are incomparable for starting screws in anything.
  • Easy and simple

    Piero, 4/22/2019 So simple and precise, especially in tight areas where any other type of drill would be too bulky
  • Set Gimmlets

    Paul, 1/12/2019 These little guys are fantastic. Now i don't break screws off any more.
  • Unusual, functional gift

    LMS, 12/29/2018 These well-made little tools are sturdy and pleasing to look at. They made a great gift for someone who seems to own every other tool made by humankind.
  • Very helpful small tool (Gimlets)

    Gil, 12/29/2018 The Garretwade gimlets are extremely helpful tools especially in putting screws, it makes putting screws easier and faster. Will recommended to friends and relatives. I am giving a 5-star rating.
  • great gift

    Janet , 12/18/2018 I bought four sets of gimlets, they seemed like the sort of thing a woodworker might not have, but should!
  • small oiler

    Anna, 12/15/2018 My husband is always struggling with nails/screws and putting them in without losing them, hoping these will help him get holes started so he can get them in. bought as xmas stocking stuffer won't know until he begins using, but quality seems real good.
  • Set of Seven Steel Twist Gimlets

    Lisa Bradford, 12/8/2018 This is a Christmas gift for my husband, however Wade Garrett has an excellent reputation so I know they will be 'quality' and cannot help but give them a 5-star rating. With all the projects my husband has going on, they will certainly come in handy.
  • Beautiful Form & Functional

    Joan G., 11/16/2018 I love these beautifully made gimlets; like others have said, I thought they'd be helpful from time to time, but they've gotten use pretty quickly and already helped in two small repairs. Great size and worth hanging- too nice looking to disappear them into a drawer!
  • Invaluable tool

    Sandra, 11/12/2018 Quality gimlets all around. Beautifully made. The handles are the best part, perfect size, shape, design for getting the job done. I've been looking for a nice set for quite some time. So glad to have found them here. Highly recommend this purchase.
  • Title

    David Griffith , 10/24/2018 Initially I thought these gimlets may be occasionally useful. It turns out they are endlessly useful. With Yankee®screwdrivers, North Brothers® hand drill & Yankee® push drills to choose from in my shop these gimlets are nearly always the quickest way to drill a hole. They hang above my bench. A quick glance to select the proper size and start drilling. No set-up, nothing to chuck in just drill and done. Pair these with a centering punch and and on of Garret Wades screw starters you will have an amazing combination.
  • Must have tool!!

    Mark Landers, 10/23/2018 These are must have tools for both beginner and seasoned woodworkers. Easy to use, no need drag out the power tools. Great for starting small hinge screws when assembling jewelry boxes.
  • Great for hard to reach places.

    Eny K. , 10/22/2018 These are great tools for hard-to-reach places that a drill just won't fit. Or for starting the hole, prior to drilling! I purchased a set for each of my 30-something daughters!
  • Indespensible Traditional Tools

    Ira Landgarten, 9/20/2018 I first got a few Gimlets from my sister-in-law returning from France & have been using them for years for a multitude of projects. Nothing to plug in or recharge, these babies can fit in small, tight spaces relying only on wrist power. A must for anyone who relishes traditional handy tools!
  • Time-saving screw starter

    Greg Moore, 9/1/2018 I anxiously awaited for the Gimlets for a project. It worked as I had hoped: simple, effective, and without having to get the drill and bits out. I will get a set for my sons.
  • GREAT set of Gimlets

    Wanda, 5/27/2018 Was requested by my Dad. He is thrilled! The set of Gimlets was EXACTLY what he wanted. He says it's the most underrated tool in the workshop
  • Great hand tool

    Tom, 4/1/2018 Great tool when you just need to drill a quick hole without the hassle of finding the right drill bit. An old school product that stands the test of time.
  • Most usefull tools in the box...

    Steve Stanton, 11/10/2017 Simple design, superior quality. As we say in Indiana "these are as handy as a pocket in a shirt..."
  • Great item

    jeff kuchak, 11/4/2017 Love them. I bought them for my 9 Year old daughter because she wanted to drill holes in a few branches to make fairy garden items. She said the are really easy to use.
  • Awesome Ginlets

    Michael J Boss, 10/24/2017 These Gimlets are great! They are super easy to use,, and they work perfectly. No need to carry around a drill and pick the right bit, just grab them and go.
  • Gimlet

    Chuck Morones, 8/19/2017 Great gift for my grandsons. They are of an age to begin gathering tools for their lifetime. Gimlets are so very useful.
  • Gimlets - Delightfully Simple Tools To Start Screw/Nail Holes.

    Lisa Folk, 8/3/2017 I had never heard of these little gadgets, but I am so pleased with these simple tools. They make starting a screw/nail hole so easy and having to use an electric drill or some other device to get the job started is a pain. Gimlets make it much easier!
  • Smallest in set aren't robust.

    EastCoastRefugeeWI, 7/21/2017 I'll second the experience of the reviewer who in 2016 wrote that his #2 gimlet broke during use. Two days ago, having owned this gimlet set -- which really is quite handsome -- for less than one week, I used the set's smallest gimlet (i.e. the #2 size) to drill small pilot holes in plywood and soft wood as a prelude to attaching miniature hinges with small screws. The #2 gimlet's threaded tip performed gamely for 19 holes, bent on the 20th, and snapped off completely on the 22nd. I'm neither a professional woodworker nor a dedicated hobbyist, so it is quite possible that it was user error on my part that caused the #2 gimlet's untimely death. On the other hand, I'm a soon-to-be 47 year-old woman who weighs 145 lbs, has moderate upper-body strength, and was putting the #2 gimlet to reasonably light use, so it's not as if a member of the U.S. women's shotput team was attacking the #2 gimlet. Since the set overall is so danged handy -- and since the larger gimlets in the set seem robust enough -- I'm on the fence about whether to return the set for a refund or hang onto it sans the #2 gimlet. (Since a Czech firm sells a tempered steel set that excludes the #2 and two other sizes featured in the Garrett Wade set, but looks as if it could survive nuclear war and has no negative reviews at the online retailer with the smiling arrow logo, there's another, #2-less option available should I decide to cut my losses and return the Garrett Wade gimlet set.) In the meantime, I guess I'm the rare customer who has a less than stellar experience with this product.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Set of Seven Steel Twist Gimlets. We apologize for the delay in posting it. It was certainly not our intention to do so. We are also sorry about the #2 gimlet breaking. We hope that the replacement gimlet which was sent to you fares better.

  • Gimlets to go

    Oguz Tanrikulu, 6/12/2017 Very well made. And good price
  • Gimlets

    Paul Severyn, 6/2/2017 Fast shipping. Great addition to my Habitat for Humanity toolbox.
  • gimlets

    Jerry Riggs, 4/15/2017 These babies are not just beautiful, but they're the best pilot hole makers ever. Nothing else like 'em.
  • Gimlets. For not knowing what the were at first, a must have in my shop !

    Craig, 4/3/2017 What a fantastic value. Strong, nice handle size, very sharp. Work wonderful.
  • great value and easy to use Gimlets

    Joe Thomas, 3/12/2017 Easy to use and store. Really a great tool to have in any toolbag.
  • Impressed

    James, 3/5/2017 I haven't had time to use these tools yet, but I'm very impressed with the finish and quality
  • A must have

    David , 2/28/2017 Simple easy to use, time saver.
  • One for me, one for my friend

    Steve, 2/25/2017 I'm grateful there is still a place to find classic tools like the Gimlet. I have never seen these sold anywhere else. These were my first purchase and I was very pleased with what I received. I bought two sets of Gimlets, one for me and one for a friend who appreciates classic tools.
  • Recommended

    R Cameron, 1/27/2017 A toolbox without a Gimlet is like a shoe without sock! You can get by - but why? These Gimlets are not only VERY handy but give off a great "old school" vibe. Recommended!
  • These Gimlets are the Cat's Meow!

    Brett A. Black, 1/11/2017 These Gimlets are the Cat's Meow! Just what the doctor ordered. They are very well made and are a great addition to my woodworking tools. I built a nice holder for the out of red oak and they look great in my Dutch Tool chest! Thank You Garrett Wade for providing awesome tools at great prices.
  • My go to tools

    Bill, 1/7/2017 These are great little drills. I have loads of other drills but these are my go to drills.
  • Set of gimlets

    Barbara Hulbert, 12/27/2016 These are super little tools to do hand work! We are happy to have them in our tool box.
  • Great product

    jamie l clunie, 12/17/2016 The steel twist gimlets were the perfect gift for my dad, he loves them and put them to use right away. Great product and fast shipping.
  • Something Unique!

    Veronica Olsen, 12/13/2016 I'm always looking for unique gifts for my husband for Christmas! Never really needs anything but when I found these I thought what a great idea. I bought them for him for Christmas and am excited to see what he thinks of them.
  • Screw These Things!

    John Pendleton, 12/9/2016 These are the best, most handiest little old-school dealie-bobs I've ever found -- they've proven themselves more and more valuable as years have gone by. I've actually lost a few over time, so I've not only ordered myself a new set but ordered a set to give my nephew for Christmas. Because it's time for him to become a real man and start a screw-hole with his hands. Like our ancestors before us.
  • Great Find

    Patty, 12/7/2016 Well made tool! Bought one set for me and the other set as a Christmas gift.
  • Great addition to my workshop

    Gil Trujillo, 12/5/2016 I love how simple they are , yet so easy to use. Some hand tools are never made obsolete by today's power tools .
  • Gimlet set a perfect fit for Chrhistmas

    Karl zurBurg, 12/4/2016 I am going to use the Gimlets in a Church program called Bethlehem Village and I am responsible for the Carpenter's Shop. I want the kids to experience some old hand tools and finding your set of seven Gimlets was just what I had hoped for. The are well made and look very impressive and work perfectly. I am sure the kids will enjoy using them. I will also enjoy having them in my shop for future projects. Thank you very much.
  • Ms

    M S Brett, 12/3/2016 I purchased two sets of Gimlets to be given as Christmas presents. They are very sturdy, and fit the hand comfortably. Were I still working on various projects, these would definitely be in my tool box.
  • My husband absolutely "loves" these gimlets.

    Suzanne, 12/2/2016 When I asked my woodworking husband what he thought of these Gimlets, he said; "Wow! I wish I would have had these a long time ago.They work with ease. Very well made. They prevent 'tear-outs'. They're great for marking drawer-knobs and drawer-pulls..
  • AngieRN

    Angie, 11/13/2016 Love the quality of these Gimlets. My boys will be receiving these for Christmas and will be very pleased!
  • 7 gimlet review

    Tom Draper, 10/28/2016 great tool. so simple and so effective and efficient
  • Good Gimlets

    Brad, 9/18/2016 Better than an awl for many applications..I like being able to center mark for a screw and tap the threads in one motion. This is a very well made set and I highly recommend them.
  • Quality Gimlets

    Mike, 9/2/2016 Great tool that no woodworker should be without!
  • Great for starting screw holes

    Paul, 8/4/2016 Great for starting screw holes for hinges on small boxes. No more damaged brass screws! Start screws in the center when you mark them. A real time saver!
  • Gimlets

    Hermann Nann, 7/27/2016 Great tool to predrill holes for woodscrews. I love it.
  • twist gimlets

    Charles , 7/23/2016 Beautiful tools that work. Amazing.
  • Great tool for a boat

    david willis, 7/11/2016 Great product to use on my boat which is out on a mooring without access to AC electricity. To drill a hole usually required bringing alone a heavy drill. These are wonderful for a boat
  • Review

    J. Christian, 6/25/2016 Five star tool.
  • Good quality

    Bill, 5/23/2016 Great tool works well and saves time.
  • Portable drill

    F. Cerklewski, 4/6/2016 I purchased this set of twist gimlets several years ago when it was on sale. I find myself using at least one of the gimlets every week or two. It's great not having to string out an extensive cord for little jobs. I did break the smallest gimlet unfortunately because I got too aggressive in a hard material.
  • Steel Twist Gimlets

    Tom Lawton, 3/16/2016 These are excellent usable 'old time' tools that make you want to grab them before thinking about using a drill. Simple and efficient!
  • Great Aides

    Mark , 3/4/2016 The gimlets were immediately put to use after receiving them.

    GEORGE , 2/26/2016 Don't get the drill out, plus the extension cord so it will reach where you want to hang that picture, just use one of these instead, it’s so much easier and if you want to anchor a small plastic wall expander no problem just go a little deeper with the larger gimlet. Sometimes the old way of doing things is the best and easiest way! I gave a set to my son and after explaining how they work he was able to quickly hang several small pictures for his wife. These are the best thing since sliced bread, I love mine! George
  • A real pleasure

    Malcolm Gin, 2/18/2016 A real pleasure to use. I used it to predrill 4 pilot holes for a smoke detector installation. Light, sharp, the screw tip draws the whole thing into whatever you're drilling into. Really nice.
  • Unbelievably useful tool

    Tom P, 2/6/2016 You will never know how much you missed these in your shop until you use them for the first time. You will use them time. And time. And time. Again.
  • Precision Drilling

    JcWilliamson, 8/8/2015 On the day that they arrived I was able to drill two precision screw holes for strap buttons on a very high dollar Ukulele without any slips or scratches and one of the holes was into Ebony.
  • Very Usefull

    Alan Price, 7/4/2015 Using these for putting screw eyes and hooks for hanging planters on my eaves and pergola. So nice not to have to use a drill (when on a ladder) to start them. I know I'll be using them on a regular basis. Great product and great service - as usual!
  • Gimlet w/ a Twist

    John, 3/16/2015 I had been looking for a set of gimlets for a while, and finding Garrett Wade's product, I immediately purchased two sets. I have used each size and find that each size works perfectly.
  • Great For Grilling

    Matt B, 3/9/2015 I used these to make spits for grilling and they worked great.
  • Twist Gimlets

    Graham, 3/2/2015 Exactly the tools I needed at a reasonable price. Excellent quality and performance just as expected from GW.
  • Handy Hand Tools

    Mike Wasson, 2/17/2015 A well made gimlet is aesthetically a very nice tool to have in your arsenal but they are so much handier than fetching a drill and a finding the right size counter sink just to make one small hole. Let alone if the battery is down, now you have a whole new problem. Pick the right gimlet, do the task, and continue with your work. With a gimlet it is one and done. It is threaded to start easy,It is twisted to help complete the hole quicker,and it has a very well made handle. Hang it back on the hook or nail and your done.What could be easier?
  • Great Additions To My Hand Tools

    Scott Runnion, 2/8/2015 Bought 2 sets (have a tendency to lay a tool down and forget where). These are finely crafted and valuable additions to any tool box.
  • Twist Gimlets

    Debbie Laird, 12/18/2014 These appear to be quite the unique tools and hopefully they will come in handy.
  • Small Tube Unplugged

    Carlton Davies, 12/12/2014 Great little tool to unplug real small tubes. The screw tip allows you screw it in the clog and pull it out.

    Marvin Howard, 12/8/2014 I KNEW that I would use these if I got them... and I WAS RIGHT! These simple tools are TERRIFIC for starting a screw into most any size hole. Creates a far better pilot hole than just drilling alone would. By pre-threading the hole, screws are far less likely (impossible?) to fall out while you're upside down at the top of a ladder and down to your last Screw"! I keep these in my tool belt held together with a twist tie and am ready for just about any "piloting" situation". A VERY simple but ELEGANT set of inexpensive tools!"
  • Give Me The Gimlets!

    Kathy Caldwell, 12/4/2014 I purchased the gimlets for my husband. He thought they were a unique & hand tool. I adore them because they remind me of times gone by, and of watching my dad in his workshop. The tool is pretty enough to hang as a decoration, and kept close is always hand for a quick fix me up.
  • Indispensable

    Melanie, 11/20/2014 I've now purchase a set of these for every family member and friend. The gimlets are great for starting a hole that you don't want to mess up--I highly recommend these to everyone!
  • Gimlets

    R. Whiteman, 11/20/2014 Great for starting all screws.
  • Work With A Twist

    Jarod Hillyard, 9/2/2014 What's a gimlet I first thought when someone said he used them in his hand made projects? Well, a quick internet search later yielded Garret Wade as having the highest rated gimlets out there, and I just had to try them. See, I'm an artisan knife maker who does everything by hand. And I drill lots of holes, I mean hundreds a day. These WILL NOT disappoint you. They are arguably one of the most handy tools you can have on your person. I like to carry them on a carabiner so they don't get lost. I had tried a set before these that belonged to a friend but they had trouble getting started and going through deeper wood. Not these little babies. The more pronounced screw on the end of these French made wonders must be the key, because they start with ease, and don't have to be forced in with a hammer like cheaper sets to get them started. Don't be without them. You don't have to be a craftsman to enjoy these, just an everyday person who likes to do a few things for themselves. Need a pilot hole in sheet rock, no problem. Need to start a pilot hole in a precarious position where you'd rather not be carrying an expensive and dangerous power drill, try hanging these on your belt. I'm a homeowner, business owner, a craftsman, and jack-of-all-trades. If you know one of the above, please do him/her a favor and get one of these fantastic sets. It got me hooked on Garret Wade's products. They offer quality over quantity. Get a set of these while you can!
  • Great Tool

    Carlton Davies, 6/23/2014 This tool works like cork screw. I had a very small tube that was stopped up. I was able to remove some paper with this tool.
  • Great Drills for Precise Drilling

    T. Lafferty, 5/6/2014 These dills are great for precision drilling. If you are uncomfortable with the speed of a power drill, these drills are perfect - I am able to slow down and focus on drilling clean, straight, pilot holes. The drills feel solid and I have had no trouble drilling through poplar, chestnut, and red oak. It would be nice is the drills had the but size marked on them, but that's certainly a minor criticism.
  • Twist Gimlets

    Dom Scimeca, 3/7/2014 Great little tools for small jobs or intricate jobs or if you just don't want to get your drill for one starter hole.
  • Craftsman

    Scott, 2/20/2014 As soon as I received these Gimlets they were put to the test. Wow I was amazed went through pine with ease even apple wood and maple. Also great for starter holes. And of course would finish up with the Garret Wade mini hand drill that I also purchased. These Gimlets are tough and sturdy and will hold up with continuous use. Another great purchase Thank you Garrett Wade. Scott Glenfield New York
  • Perfect

    Steve Wolfe, 12/14/2013 Perfect replacement for very old worn set!
  • Incredibly Useful

    M. Hrynick, 12/6/2013 I bought one of these high-quality sets for myself a few years ago. This time they're a present for my son, who is setting up on his own. These are great for starting screws or any sort of pilot hole; having one hooked to a carabiner on my belt saves a whole lot of switching drills for drivers. And they look neat hanging in a row on my wall!
  • Quick & Easy

    Joe Beaton, 11/26/2013 My buddy was looking for a set to replace his father's old set; found these at G.W. and thought I'd try. Easy way to start holes in soft woods if you only have a couple of holes to do. Good add-on to my tool arsenal!
  • Twist Gimlets

    Bill Anderson, 11/18/2013 A good range of sizes in this set. Excellent for staring screw or hinge holes, etc. It would be nice to see wooden handles on these, but even so these will be invaluable in my tool chest!
  • Grand Dad's Gimlets

    Richard Nortman, 10/10/2013 These gimlets are exactly what you said they are and do exactly what they are supposed to do. I remember when I used gimlets like these while I worked alongside my Grandpa at his workbench. Perhaps you can imagine my pleasure and joy when my Granddaughters, 8 and 10 years old, were excited when they saw the gimlets and gleefully used them to make screw holes on a new project. And thank you for the prompt service.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner October 2013 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Richard!!
  • Gimlets

    Kurt Luginbyhl, 9/30/2013 These well made Gimlets were exactly what I was looking for and they arrived before the date promised! I will continue to shop and buy from Garrett Wade.
  • Another great find from the past!

    Richard Munson, 9/13/2013 Very high quality gimlets. Useful every time you have to start a screw in hardwood or soft.
  • Functional Works of Art

    Jane Curtis, 7/22/2013 These aren't simply functional, they are beautiful pieces of craftsmanship that harken back to the days before cordless drills. Sturdy material, well-made. There's a kind of joy in using a tool like this.
  • Who knew?

    Mike H., 6/25/2013 I never knew this product existed, nor did I realize that I needed them. They looked like they might be handy, so I bought them. WOW! Excellent! VERY handy. Well made and work like a charm. I'm glad I invested in a set!
  • Screw Starter Gimlets

    Bob, 1/15/2013 I have found these to be very useful when needing to start a few screws. I keep these on my bench and in less time then it takes to get out my drill and chuck a bit I can make starting holes for 4 or 5 screws. They perform great and are a time saver when driving a few screws.
  • Great Gimlets

    Heather, 1/2/2013 Great for starting the holes for cup hooks!

    MARY ANN WAGNER, 11/5/2012
  • Reasonably priced gimlet set

    Cstar, 1/19/2012 Nice little set of gimlets for a very good sale price. I use them all the time.
  • unsurpassed for their job

    Jeff The Bear, 1/11/2012 This set of gimlets will be a huge help. I have a terrible time drilling pilot holes at the proper angle but these gimlets let me do it right every time. And they suit the pace of my mostly handtool approach to woodworking. They are easy to use and are far more robust than I expected. If you have a friend who likes woodworking, a set of these would make a great (and inexpensive) gift.
  • Great tools to have

    Jim S., 9/3/2011 I bought this set about 5 years ago, and it's been going strong ever since. Easy to use, well-made, and they hang up nicely on my peg board in the shed so they don't get lost. These gimlets make your job easier every time!
  • Gimlet

    Felix Ruiz, 7/18/2011 I have started to lean more towards hand tools over the last two years, rather than power tools. There is something cathartic and heartfelt about the process. I am also much more proud and satisfied with the finished product. Augers are my new favorite tools. I have many, however, I've never owned a gimlet. These are very useful in assembling my birdhouse projects that I build with my 5 year old son. We both love these little hand held tools for piloting holes and they peak my sons interest when starting new projects. We also build little wooden models of trains, tractors, boats, etc. and these are perfect for, again, piloting the holes. The gimlets do take some time to get used to and as with any hand tool, patience is key. The quality of the product is very good and I highly recommend them. I believe these are a great starter gift for anyone interested in using hand tools.
  • Yes

    GDS, 7/15/2011 They do what they do very well. The self-tapping is smooth and easy. And, they're beautiful.
  • Eureka!

    anon, 4/25/2011 I bought a set of three of these when I was living in France 15 years ago... One has gone missing so I was delighted to find this 7-piece set. They are among the most useful tools I own! And the batteries never go dead!
  • Loving the old tech

    Aaron, 3/6/2011 Man, I'm loving old tech stuff such as this ! Brings back good memories and making new ones.. These worked great for the 3 projects I used them for.. Thanks !!
  • Gimlet Screw Holes

    Larry Tichenor, 3/3/2011 The set of seven gimlets arrived in a couple of days after my order; of course I had to try them out right away. After first hole I made with the gimlet I wondering why I did not purchase the set before now. The holes I drilled were clean and I was able to bore the holes quickly. I would recommend the gimlet to anyone to keep in there arsenal of cool tools.
  • great tools

    ann, 1/3/2011 I purchased these for my son and husband. They are thrilled! I'm actually fairly handy, so I think they are great too. Worth owning!
  • wonderful

    Roy, 12/29/2010 I discovered Garrett Wade in 1989 and bought these gimlets at that time. I keep them in a small essential tool box for small jobs where I don't need to/want to carry a drill and the bit box. They are wonderful and easy to use and STILL SHARP after 22 years!! They drill through all sorts of stuff. Plus, when a tool marries beauty, elegance and functionality .... this makes me happy. Buy them!
  • Something Old, Something New

    Pam, 12/27/2010
  • Great

    Ted, 12/24/2010 They sure help ouy alot. Very glad I bought them,
  • Old School Hole Starters

    BK, 12/24/2010 Sometimes old school is the best school and these rustic looking gimlets are no exception. They are indespensible when working on a ladder and driving screws. They make perfect pilot holes quickly, easily and, if needed, with one hand. They are just as handy when working at a workbench. The look great and work even better.
  • Great Gimlets

    Peter Rosen, 12/11/2010 At first, gimlets appear to duplicate a drill and bit. However, since I usually need to make one hole at a time, usually as a pilot for a screw, using a gimlet makes the hole in less time that it takes to get the drill out of the cabinet, or to put a bit in the chuck. Once you get used to reaching for them, they get used all the time. As well, they are beautiful examples of old-style tools, since they are made of a single steel rod bent to form the handle and then machined to form the bit end.
  • Gimlets

    James Hicks, 12/1/2010 Ever messed the head of a brass screw up even after drilling a pilot hole? Use a Gimlet to cut some threads and you will find that a brass screw goes in a whole bunch eaiser. Nice tool. Wish I had bought a set long before now.
  • A pleasure to use

    John Beatty, 11/3/2010 Impossible to break, efficient, grabs any surface the first twist. Beats a cordless screwdriver for small holes any day.
  • Great

    Tim, 8/5/2010 Wow! These guys make life so much easier, I would not leave them behind for any kind of screw driver job I might have to do. Great!
  • Gimlets

    jay Peck, 6/17/2010 This is a tool that I thought that I wouldn't really need and had put off buying the set for several years but now that I bought the set and have used it I wondered why I had waited so long. The set now is an indispensable part of my handy man kit.
  • simpe can be effective

    rfs, 4/18/2010 Sometimes something of simple quality can be most effective....keep them close at hand.
  • Great Gimlets

    Ray, 4/18/2010 This is probably the most useful tool ever. It sure beats misusing other tools such as a screwdriver when you don't want to use a drill. I haven't had to even think about using a drill since I got the set.
  • innovative

    I.White, 4/18/2010 This is a very useful and versatile set of tools and they are easy to store
  • Handy

    D. L., 4/17/2010 After the hammer, screwdriver, or pliers, I use the gimlets more than any other tool. They can get wet or dirty, unlike a drill but are just as effective for small or quick jobs. Get yourself some.
  • Superb Tools!

    Rory, 4/16/2010 I received a set of these as a gift, and cannot possibly be more pleased! Sturdy, convenient, and simple to use: what more could one ask from a tool! And here you have 7 of them! My advice: buy at least 2 sets, though! These have a tendency to walk off" in other folks' pockets! I know I'll be back to pick up another set myself, later on!"
  • Fast and easy

    R. Sumida, 4/16/2010 Very simple tool to use for making small holes. You don't have to drag out your power drill, drill bits and extension cord just to make a few holes.
  • Gimlets

    Jazz, 4/15/2010 Great for starting a pilot hole and much faster than a drill.
  • Gimlets

    VF, 4/15/2010 Whenever I need to fasten a screw for a simple project, I always turn to my set of Gimlets. They allow me to drill a suitable hole for whatever size screws I am using, quickly, without dragging out my drill and bits. This is a wonderful, simple tool.
  • Gimlets!!!!!!

    Ken, 3/14/2010 Fantastic Tool. They are sharp. They go thru the hardest of hardwoods. They don't break or flex. They are great for the repair job that requires you to drill a couple of holes for screws. You avoid over drilling on the wood project for hinges ect. I give them out as gifts and all my woodworking friends love them. One used his to do an emergency repair on his sailboat while out on the ocean!!

    John Beatty, 2/22/2010 Small drills that don't break
  • Too cute to pass up

    Ninny, 2/12/2010 I have always wanted a set of gimlets as it's such a bother changing the drill bit just to start a hole. Not to mention that this set looks like tool art.
  • My kids and I love these

    Mark, 11/19/2009 I bought these hoping my two young boys could use them to drill pilot holes on small projects. They work remarkably well and make a very nice hole. We love them, and I got a reminder that good work was done before there were power tools.
  • A MUST !

    Ken, 11/18/2009 These gimlets are sharp and do a great job even in hardwoods. Nice for drilling just a couple of holes without worry of over drilling the hole. Perfect for finish work. They do not bend or flex even with the hardest of woods. Ken
  • Handy Gimlets

    Harold Yang, 4/16/2009 Convenient and perfect for starting pilot holes of all sizes. Easy to carry and easy to use. Would not be without them.
  • Art for Arts Sake!

    Steve Klass, 4/15/2009 I bought the gimlets to use on the clocks I make as well as a diverse set of hanging characters. They are handy, easy to size and make just the right starter for the hooks I use to hold the pieces I make. They simplify the job!
  • Set of Gimlets

    John Samaras, 4/1/2009 This is truly a handy set of screw starters. Whenever I need to start a screw, I reach for one of these little gems. I have each one marked for the proper screw size (#4, #6, #8, etc.) and they are so much easier to use than a drill and bit. The funny thing though is that after a day in the shop making pilot holes with this set of gimlets, I have an odd thirst that only a gin and lime juice satisfies. Can't understand why....
  • Set of Gimlets

    Steven Engen, 3/30/2009 I was amazed at the quality and how well these worked. Talk about ease of handling and the drilling results. They will be a part of my tool kit forever. I also use them for starting holes for small screws. Thanks for a great set of gimlets.
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