Set of Three Japanese Weeding Tools

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Set of Three Japanese Weeding Tools
24T05.30 Set of Three Japanese Weeding Tools

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This set of stainless steel weeding tools – Weed Shaver, Weed Scraper and Garden-Hand – is excellent for maintenance. The Weed Shaver guillotines weeds growing in driveways and curbs. Its 16½" reach is easy on your back. The 7½" Scraper is great for digging weeds out of the deep cracks in that brick garden path or asphalt driveway. The 9½" Garden Hand can aerate and agitate, by loosening up soil around plants after watering, or it can pull out clumps of wayward grass in the garden.

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  • Weed Need

    Gary , 8/18/2019 Truly a garden cleaner. I spent less than half the time cleaning out the garden this weekend.
  • REALLY effective weeder

    Michael Crawford, 5/17/2018 The big one is amazing. It is designed at the perfect angle to do its job, and it almost effortlessly seems to erase even weeds that would ordinarily put up a fight. I was on my hands and knees enjoying myself, because it worked so well.
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