Set of Three Leatherwork Crafting Knives

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Set of Three Leatherwork Crafting Knives
75A01.60 Set of Three Leatherwork Crafting Knives

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15A02.31 Sheath for Half Moon Cutter

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15A02.32 Sheath for 2 Beveled Knives

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Designed specifically to make all your leatherworking easier and better. Make beautiful leather creations with this multi-purpose Set of Three Leatherwork Crafting Knives. Elegant rose-wood scales are fitted on all three knives, with hollow brass rivets to hold these in place. Use the Left and Right beveled knives (1/8" thick) to make straight cuts with a precise square edge, running the flat side along a straight-edge (ruler).

The 1/16" thick Half-Moon (or Round) knife is one of the oldest and most versatile of leather-working tools and can be used for straight or curved cuts. Curved cuts are made with the point of the blade, by pushing the knife with the thumb, while pulling and turning the leather. For straight cuts with the Half-Moon, push or roll through the leather using the center of the blade. With a little practice, tight radii and notches can also be cut cleanly with the Half-Moon. The overall length of all three is about 7". Sold as a set of three only. Leather Sheath for Half-Moon knife (not shown) is highly recommended.

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Overall Rating
  • Great tools make for great projects.

    Michael Mulyck, 7/1/2020 This set of three leather crafting knives are beautiful well made and extremely sharp. I have used all three knives they are comfortable in your hand and preformed great. I think you could spend a whole lot more and not get a better set of knives
  • One of the best leather knives I've ever had

    Eric, 4/25/2020 Unbelievably sharp out of the box, and one of the best round knives I've ever had. The single bevels are really nice as well, but being right handed I'll never use one of them...
  • Glad I sprung for these

    Jason, 3/6/2020 I have a leatherworking business and these are my go-to knives for just about everything. The round knife is perfect for cutting straps, bridles, belts, and also rounding corners off ends and other pieces. The straight knives are great for skiving edges. Beautiful as well as strong. So glad I "went for it" and bought these even though I usually spend as little as possible on everything.
  • Unprecedented quality and craftsmanship from Garrett Wade!

    Jay B. Knudtson, 11/13/2019 Quality and craftsmanship exceeded my expectations! This was my first purchase from Garrett Wade and now the bar is set extremely high as I view GW as the Gold Standard!
  • Top quality blade with terrific edge.

    Jerry K., 7/22/2019 This is a quality blade. Arrives with a sharp edge and ready to use.
  • Head and bevel knives for leather

    Tom Goslee, 6/20/2019 Very nice quality. Comfortable handles easy to use. The bevel knives make excellent straight cuts. Glad I found your site and ordered these knives.
  • Perfection in tools

    Asherah Cinnamon, 5/26/2019 The quality of these cutting tools is suberb, but beyond that they are a real pleasure to hold and use. Well balanced, just right weight, gorgeous finish on dense full tang (read strong) wood handles, and sharp!
  • Leather knife

    Bob, 5/13/2019 Good quality,very happy with my purchase
  • Awesome

    Gerard L. Samoleski, 3/15/2019 I’m super happy with the quality and sharpness if these knives. I really wish they would sell them separately as I really wanted only the half moon knife, but glad I ended up with the whole set.
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