Sets of Grow-Lights and Reusable Seed Cups

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Sets of Grow-Lights and Reusable Seed Cups
32C01.01 2 ft. Wide Grow Light

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32C01.02 4 ft. Wide Grow Light

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32C01.03 24 hr. Timer

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It's time to starting thinking of spring planting. Grow Lights and paper seed cups will give a head-start to your tomatoes, peas, lettuce and other plants. Comes with a timer to mimic natural light cycles, and an adjustable Light Bar that you can raise as your plants grow. Once past any danger from frost, the tapered shape of the reusable Cups make it easy to remove the shoots and soil plugs for transplanting.

Each Grow Light comes with 54 Seed Cups (mixed round and square). If needed, more Cups should easily be available locally. To keep it all neat, the plastic trays holding the Cups will catch any water overflow.

Select the 2 ft. or 4 ft. Light Bar model, depending on your space available. The base of either is 19" wide. Easy to assemble.
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