Sewing Thread Snips

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Sewing Thread Snips
Allows much faster work
12A01.01 Sewing Thread Snips

Available 12/10/2020


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Pick this tidy tool up, slip a middle finger into the ring and you are ready to trim loose threads with great speed. People who sew professionally or style with fabric rely on them. We think this is a handsome tool. Overall 4-1/2" long.

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Overall Rating
  • Sharp

    Carolyn Wells, 4/3/2020 As advertised.
  • Sharp, well-made, and easy to use thread snips

    Ellen Soloway, 12/3/2018 This product is so handy to snip thread ends while quilting or after a garment is completed. They are well-made and have heft. This is an item that a seamstress can use for the rest of their "sewing life." It is made from a far superior metal and will remain sharp much longer than the cheaper plastic/metal snips sold in the fabric chain stores. It may be necessary to adjust the screw to get the amount of tension that feels "right" for each individual's hand. I made a pocket protector by embedding the tips in an artist's eraser. The eraser protects the points of the snips as well as my sewing apron pocket. I highly recommend them as gift for anyone who sews.
  • Rapid thread snipper

    Howard Neely, 12/14/2016 Great, but you need protection on the harp end, like a thick rubber band or a heavier plastic case. Some folks would like to keep one in their pocket
  • Great cutting tool

    Lavarrel Gatson, 4/8/2016 Great tool to assist with cutting when seeing items.
  • So Far So Good

    Lawrence, 1/26/2014 Nice to have a unique cutting tool for sewing work. Comes with a soft plastic tip protector.
  • A Quick Snip

    Russell, 1/21/2014 These are fantastic little scissors. They are razor sharp and quick in the hand. They are a nice high quality with a good weight in the hand.
  • Thread Snipper

    Gail Secord, 2/29/2012 I had to look quite a while to find this item and I was glad to see that you carried it. Upon receiving it, I found that it was a heavier and more industrial pair than I had expected. Also,they would not work until the side screw was adjusted. Now they work great. I believe there should have been that direction given to tighten the screw. I just received your new catalog yesterday and found that now you have a lighter and more seamstress pair, like I had originally wanted. I would love to order them, but can't bring myself to pay $9.50 shipping on a $3.75 item. You should really look at how you come up with your minimum shipping price. I find I order something from you almost every Christmas. I may not be the biggest spender, but you should think of us little guys, too.
  • Threat Clippers

    Reba , 2/27/2011 This is one of the handiest sewing tools. My Grandmother, an inspector in many garment factories, turned me on to them long ago. They are the best for clipping threads without tiring the hand. I recommend them 200%! And this is the best model to use!
  • Super Clipper

    E. M., 12/17/2010
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