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Black Micarta Survival Knife
$ 166.5
Don't let the elegant curves of this handsome knife fool you: this is a very tough, practical outdoor knife. The back of the 4" full-tang blade curves beautifully from the tip to the lanyard hole. The cutting edge has a broad secondary bevel that makes it easier to sharpen without a jig. It's made from 5/32" (4 mm) thick Sandvik 12c27 corrosion-resistant steel (59/61 Rc hardness) with black Micarta grips accented with red liners. These colors are echoed in the black leather and red stitching of the sheath. The effect is as stylish and elegant as a tango, and yet…

Cesar Bozal, the knifemaker who designed this knife and whose signature it bears, has put it through intense testing that knives are not usually expected to withstand. His goal is to create a knife on which one’s very survival can be staked, in the most extreme conditions. From our viewpoint, he comes very close to the mark. And yet in appearance and craftsmanship, this beautiful knife sits comfortably beside your very finest collectables. It is a remarkable achievement for a craftsman and one that we are proud to offer to our customers.
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