Leather Tools


Leather Tools for Every Need

Hole Punches: Getting the perfect hole in a piece of leather doesn’t have to be difficult. Hole punchers can make your job easier and afford you a more precise leather hole. For instance, our revolving leather hole puncher makes slow and tedious punching tasks fly by.

Scissors and Knives: A dull, undependable blade will ruin a beautiful piece of leather, costing you money and time. With the sharp blades from Garrett Wade, you’ll make each cut just as you anticipated every time.

Stitching Ponies: Making a saddle stitch can be frustrating, but stitching ponies can help make the task easier. By securely fastening the piece of leather to a pony, both hands are free to do the necessary needlework.

Expertise Rooted In Tradition

The difference between success and failure in any crafting project often comes down to the tools you use. To work with leather, for example, you must have durable tools that are guaranteed to pierce the hide without ruining it. 

All of our hand-selected leather tools are made to last for generations. Using time-honored techniques and old-world craftsmanship, these tools will remain reliable for decades to come. 

Trust the experts at Garrett Wade to provide you with superior leather tools at reasonable prices. 

Every tool we offer is covered by our generous return policy, as well as our 100% guarantee