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Shop Vacuum Upgrade Kit
$ 99.95
Most shop vacuums are reasonably priced and work okay, but their accessories sure could use an upgrade. Our USA manufacturer specializes in quality accessories and has developed a Kit that will make your vacuum work better. The Upgrade Kit's hose is 15ft long and 1-1/2" in diameter with a smooth inside surface that really improves flow and prevents clogging.

Included with the Upgrade Hose are two claw nozzles (long and short), a crevice tool, a 45° hose-end nozzle, a swivel hose-end, a floor tool kit, a car wash kit and special adaptors to ensure that you can use this Kit on virtually any available Vacuum.

We also sell an additional section of identical 15ft hose fitted with a special sleeve connector that allows you to attach both 15ft sections together - giving you 30ft in total. Please note: This additional section of hose only works in conjunction with the Kit, it does not work on its own.

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