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Short Handled Portable Shovel
$ 44.5000

Based on the familiar foxhole shovel design (but non-folding), this portable shovel will surprise you with how tough and capable it is. The carbon steel blade is made with 2 separate steel plates held in place with a metal sleeve. It’s not going anywhere, no matter how rough you are with it. The sharpened edges allow for chopping into hard earth or roots, while the scooped end avoids the bending that can sometimes occur with a pointed tip. Laser etched ruler markings on the side of the 9 x 7" blade are handy for measuring depth. Features a beautiful beechwood handle with a knob end and shaped grips.

The blade has a solid shoulder fold to allow forceful foot pressure, while the neck has a protruding crease for added strength. This is a really heavy-duty, military-style shovel, and will hold up under lots of abuse. Throw it in the back of the car for your next camping trip, or toss it into the wheelbarrow along with your other tools when heading out to work in the garden.
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