Short Pole Trim Saw

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Short Pole Trim Saw
Handy size for quick work comes with fast cutting Western style teeth
86B01.05 Short Pole Trim Saw

Available 11/13/2020


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The hardwood handle is 30" long and the super-sharp curved blade is 15" long. Depending on your height, you should be able to reach branches 8 ft to 9 ft high. The back of the blade sticks out from the handle and functions as a branch "hook" to pull them down after cutoff. This is a professional grade tool that any arborist or landscaper will love to have in his or her kit. It's really easy to carry around as it's not at all heavy. Next Day & 2-Day Air Shipping not available for this item.

Made in the USA.

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Overall Rating
  • Packing lacking

    Joe hamer, 8/6/2016 Good product and service .. Packaging was lacking .. The blade was slightly bend . More reinforcement required. Good product .
    / poor packaging but I'll be back .. Like their stuff . A-
  • Short Pole Trim Saw

    Rick D. Ward, 12/14/2014 I actually hesitated buying this saw, I have a small chainsaw, why buy a hand saw for trimming the trees? Well a couple days after getting it, I decided to try it, now I'm wondering why I did not buy one sooner. The whole saw is great, you can get two hands on the handle for easy cutting, saw teeth are like razors, cuts right through the branches. It was so easy I actually trimmed all my trees on my 2.5 acres in one afternoon. Didn't even think about getting the chainsaw out, it's heavy, noisy and may actually be more work than just using this hand saw.
  • Simply Brilliant

    Laird C, 8/10/2014 Simply brilliant tool. The best ideas are simple ones that no one else has thought of, but are immediately obvious in retrospect - which describes this saw perfectly. The handle allows you to reach 90% of the limbs you'll trim, with ease. The back-hook allows you to control the fall of a limb, or to snag-and-drag a limb that gets tangled, and the gentle curve, light weight, and sharp teeth make for fast, accurate work. This saw has become my favorite tool for working on trees.
  • Brilliant Tool!

    Laird, 10/29/2013 Everything said in the product description is true, and even a bit understated! I find this saw to be very lightweight and handy; I can work with it all day and its sharp teeth make fast, clean cuts in a snap. The back-hook is much more useful than I expected, and this tool has completely replaced my old reliable pole saw in day-today use. You won't be reaching the tops of trees with this saw and undercutting isn't as easy as it might be (but that applies to the old pole saw, too!), but for 80-90% of the pruning I do, this is the *the* saw for me.
  • Garret Wade Quality as Usual

    Michael W Garner, 4/19/2013 I don't walk into my back yard anymore without this tool. Great for pulling down limbs I can't reach for trimming as well as reaching the larger ones for removal close to the tree truck.
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