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Clearance Side Clamp Honing Guide
Eliminates rocking & shifting
10M07.01 Side Clamp Honing Guide

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The blade is clamped on the guide in special grooves, insuring that the blade will not rock or shift in use it. The roller width is 1/2".

Blade width capacity: 3".

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Overall Rating
  • Great Product

    Weston, 3/17/2019 Great product
  • Back for more

    Warren LeMay, 10/15/2018 I am also a repeat customer, and have used this tool for several years. I use plate glass and sheet abrasives for sharpening, and this tool rides comfortably on same. The single wheel allows for both straight and curved plane blades. I bought more as sometimes I'm restoring a blade in spare time for an antique plane, and would rather not remove it from the tool for a quick honing of a working tool. Great value for quality/price.....
  • Side Clamp vx Kell winner 50.5% Side Clamp 49.5% Kell. Both great tools.

    Gary Docken, 11/24/2016 I have been using the Kell which is an excellent tool...except for the rollers which get flat spots very fast. I have ordered the new bigger replacement rollers but have not received them yet and wanted to try something else while I waited. This tool, the Side Clamp, is excellent also. It's one drawback is not one of my chisels fit into the grove. So what I did is load the chisel flat on the two bars, like I did with the Kell. That did the trick!. I had one chisel that was just starting to get dull, and it was very easy to locate the correct angle and then in a matter of minutes I had it razor sharp again.Pros and cons vs Kell. I like both. But I like the single roller as the Kell won't stay on my diamond plates when I have a wide plane. I was afraid at first of rocking with the one wheel, but have not had that problem...yet. The wheel on the Side Clamp looks like it will last quite a long time, easy to change if a new wheel is available. So, it's almost a toss up. I like my Kell, but I'm edging towards this Side Clamp. One nice thing is it is extremely well made but still Cheap to buy. Because of that, I won't mind taking it apart and filing the clamping sides a little to give it a better grip the way I use it now. Very happy with this tool!
  • Another great help tool from GW!!

    Tom, 3/4/2016 This guide was bought as a backup to another of the same size/type that I bought from GW many years ago, Since I don't have an immediate use for the new guide, I will critique the old guide as they seem to be identical. It has served me flawlessly through the years and I have put an edge on many plane irons and chisels which I either use or have restored for use from some very decrepit states of ill repair. I have found that the only really sharp chisel edge is one which is dead flat, both front and back, and I get that finish with this guide much quicker and with little thought to body position and follow through with my hands on the blade or the position and movement of my arms. I have watched others when they try to freehand sharpen and they seem to make so many subtle mistakes that contribute to a cutting surface that is rounded so I took close note of my own methods and movements while sharpening plane irons and chisels and I decided that I need some help with my own technique. When I bought my first honing guide, I was astounded by the speed at which I could get a flat edge or flatten the back of either a plane iron or wood chisel! On my best day, I could not get my chisels that even and flat across the length and width of the blades. So, I will leave the lovely movement of the Japanese wood workers as they consistently freehand each blade to a perfect, flat, razor sharp edge. I will be content to get the same results using my honing guides until such time as I pass my tools on to my son for his use.
  • Honing Guide

    Keith Bays, 10/5/2013 Excellent tool. Well built. No nonsense. Worth the price.
  • Great Accesory

    Steve, 6/18/2013 I always had problems sharpening my chisels and have tried another honing guide, but it didn't help, then I saw this one and decided to try it out 'cause of the price and I am very pleased with the results. It's easy and staight-forward to use and the instructions are very simple and clear.
  • Good guide

    Thomas Philips, 2/16/2013 Simple well made honing guide. Adjusts to wide variety of blade widths accommodating most plane blades and chisels. Good value. Good results depend on using a good set of FLAT stones that are wide and long enough to work the desired blade sharp. 2.5 x 8" stones will get most any chisel or plane blade sharp. I use #400, #1000 and #6000 to get a mirror finish."
  • Guide

    Don Rhodes, 1/2/2013 Very well made.
  • Great tool

    Atr Coffin, 12/13/2011 Great tool have not had it long but the chisels I have sharpened with it work a lot better than the ones I sharpened without it.
  • Stress Relever

    Handy Man, 4/18/2010 This tool along with my new Norton Stones has greatly reduced the stress in my life of honing my MANY plane and chisel blades. I'd rather spend the time with the tool to wood than trying to sharpen off hand. Great price, great tool GREAT STORE.
  • thank goodness

    Cougar, 4/16/2009 I have been looking for this for a long time, Garrett Wade has an amazing store. Brouse and see for yourself.
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