Signature "Key Chains"

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New Signature "Key Chains"
15A02.34 8" Signature Wristlet

In stock


15A02.35 14" Signature Lanyard

Available 10/23/2018


15A02.80 Both Signature Key Chains

Available 10/23/2018


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Here’s an elegant way to do something we all do: carry our keys. These handsome Signature Key Chains are made of oil-tanned leather in the USA, and come in a brown 14" size and a shorter, black 8" size. The longer one is great to girth-hitch to your belt loop so keys are always attached. The shorter one can wrap around the wrist and is a great solution when running or exercising. Chock full of exquisite details like contrasting-color thread accents and stirrup-shaped brass shackle. The screw-in pin attachment won't come undone. Can be bought separately or together.
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