Cul De Poule Set of 6

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New Cul De Poule Set of 6
01B06.29 Cul De Poule Set of 6

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These boxed sets of six stainless steel Steak Knives are about 50-60 years old. We recently discovered these beautiful historical knives in Thiers, France long renowned as one of the world’s greatest cutlery centers.

A set consists of 6 knives packed in a lovely presentation box. These lovely knives have full-length tangs and are identical except for the handle design.

These were hand-crafted decades ago, so slight variations make each knife unique. Because these are truly vintage, we have limited quantities, and when our stock is gone, they will be gone forever. For care, hand-wash and dry immediately.

Quantities limited - A fine bargain in vintage French manufacture.

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