Sliding Song Whistle

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Sliding Song Whistle
Great fun and a delight for any child
Made in the USA
76W01.01 Sliding Song Whistle

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Though you might consider it a child's toy, or associate its bright glissando with the sound tracks of animated cartoons and game shows, the traditional slide whistle is a genuine musical instrument, with origins in the Renaissance, and can produce melodies as well as sound effects to great effect. The slide whistle has figured in the work of Maurice Ravel and Louis Armstrong among many other greats.

And it's as easy to play as whistling or humming a tune (much like the trombone, pitch is controlled by a sliding piston, or slide). All it takes is about 5 minutes of practice - no kidding! Simply pick it up, blow in the mouthpiece and begin to move the slide back and forth. Anyone will get the idea quickly, but as the saying goes, Takes minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master." Made in the USA by a premier American instrument maker, our nickel plated brass Song Whistle is great fun for everyone in the family, and another stand against keypads and flat screen TVs.


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Overall Rating
  • Neat item

    Jerry Koester, 12/21/2018 Neat item! I hadn’t seen one of these for years. My 4-year old grandson really enjoys it. He and I are having a lot of fun with them.
  • Had one as a child ...

    John Bishop, 11/22/2018 Had one as a child & 60 years later it's still a blast to play. Allows young children to learn or create their own melodies. Congrats to Garrett Wade for getting the right item to me undamaged & on time. What a surprise!
  • A great creative toy

    Auntie KT, 12/16/2017 I got these for my nephews this year, so I don't have a final approval yet, but I was very impressed by what I see so far. It is so professional looking, you would expect to see it in the "percussion instruments" or some "extras" in a full band. I think they will enjoy them. I realize they will only play with them for a bit, and return to their iPads, BUT when they have the need to make a video or a skit for school, this might be just the fun addition they need.
  • Wonderful whistle!

    Marion Bush, 12/16/2017 Got this for our granddaughter, but had to try it myself first! It is really cool, not hard to learn to use, and lots of fun! Really sturdy, too.
  • Great Fun!!

    Judy, 12/7/2017 This is so much fun, thought it would be silly, and yes, it is, silly fun!!! Great idea for stocking stuffer, I may need another.
  • Excellent !!!

    Mitch, 11/28/2017 Just received this excellent USA-made product - *****FANTASTIC*****!!! Quality-made, bright and shiny stainless steel, durably constructed .......... The sound is clear, and I now have the grandkid's attention ! Just ordered another for a Christmas gift.
  • Sliding Song Whistle

    Paula Eaton, 12/12/2016 While this made in America slide whistle is easy enough for a 6 year old, I purchased it for my 60 year old husband and 16 year old dog. Our dog Rags loves to sing and she and my husband can really do a job belting out a song with their new instrument. It has brought such fun that we call it doing the "Slide Whistle Rag". It is so much fun, I would recommend this large and beautiful whistle for all ages. Whether you are a 2 legged or a 4 legged being, way fun for all. Beautiful, big and really sturdy and I like that it's a USA product. Two thumbs and two big toes up. Definitely a 5 star product.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner December 2016 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Paula!!
  • Smooth Slider

    S. Jacobs, 6/19/2015 This matches the quality of the sliders used by professional sound effect artists. It is not a toy. It's the real deal.
  • Sliding Song Whistle

    Lori, 12/23/2013 This is a well made heavy gauge instrument that is a step above a cheap toy but not something a semi-serious musician would consider. I bought this for my 4 year old grand-daughter who barely has the lug capacity to make sounds with it. The slide on the whistle I received worked okay but required about 30 minutes of vigorous sliding in and out to properly break in the piston to the bore. This need for break-in is actually a positive sign of quality. A neat toy!
  • Not Surprised

    Sandy, 11/10/2013 I knew about Garrett Wade quality tools and I hoped that same quality would be found in the toys they are offering. It truly did. This sliding whistle is heavier than I anticipated and as well made as any of their toys. Just share it as an outside toy" if you are wise!"
  • Quality Toy

    Hughtron, 4/1/2013 I got this for my grand kids aged three & four. Although their lung capacity is not sufficient to make it work properly yet, they get a big kick out of it anyway. It's a quality instrument and will have a very long life in our special toy drawer.
  • Fun!

    PADonna, 1/3/2013 This toy was a great hit at Christmas. I purchased it for both of my boys, ages 11 & 8, and they loved it! It was reasonably priced and seems to be well constructed - not a flimsy piece at all!
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