Sliding Trapdoor Insect Catcher

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Sliding Trapdoor Insect Catcher
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58A05.08 Sliding Trapdoor Insect Catcher

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This nifty plastic device from Germany is extremely clever and easy to use, and gently traps any temporarily motionless insect on a wall or other flat surface. It’s perfect for dealing with those more harmless insects (moths, beetles, and many breeds of spiders) we may just want to remove from our homes without actually harming them. The red thumb-operated lever on the handle slides open a thin plastic gate on the clear plastic head. Place the opening over the insect and slide the gate closed, then transport it outdoors. We couldn’t resist this when we saw it--it’s unusual for sure, but very handy to have around.

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    Adrienne Klumpp, 11/9/2017 Wonderful idea, and it works well too. I would love to see someone come up with a catcher like this to use when I have to catch my cat to go to the vet.
  • fun to use!

    ml, 9/10/2017 this is a very humane way to deal with indoor crawlies. it also is good for developing/maintaining hand-eye dexterity (trying to keep up with skittering tempo to actually catch the critter).
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