Slo-Set Glue Pint

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Slo-Set Glue Pint
62J04.01 Slo-Set Glue Pint

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There are times when you need a glue with a longer open time, such as when doing complicated carcass assembly work. In these cases, a slow setting glue takes the pressure off. Slo-Set Glue is rarely available in small quantities, despite its decided advantages in complicated projects. Open time about 30 minutes.

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Overall Rating
  • Slow Set Glue

    George Findlay, 2/13/2015 This glue does have a slower set just as it's name suggests. That said, I found it to be a little more runny than another glue that I more familiar with.
  • Great, But

    Brad, 8/14/2014 I like the glue, but found it good and bad. works well on setup time and long joints, however when it wet my table top to raise the grain I found that the glue started to soften. I could wipe off the surface glue with a rag. I could easily see and remove excess glue which is good but will the joints hold up over time? Not sure.
  • Not Bad

    Mike Rowland, 6/15/2014 Packaging is good. Viscosity is good. However, I tested this against Titebond III and it seemed about half as strong. I glued up some poplar, the end grain to the face grain. When I broke them apart, about twice the thickness of the face grain tore out with the TB3. So TB3 penetrated into the face grain more than the GW glue.
  • True to it's name

    George Kibler, 8/19/2011 I needed a slo-set glue that allowed over 30 minutes open time. I glued three 86 inch pieces of bendable plywood together (I had to roll glue on 4 surfaces) around an irregular pattern that required dozens of clamps and several straps to keep in place. Thanks to this glue, I had over 30 minutes of time in which to do it and it was a solid job. I highly recommend it to anyone.

    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner July 2011 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, George!!"
  • Slo-Set Glue: Recommended Treatment for High Blood Pressure

    Sharon Dever, 3/2/2011 I've used Garrett Wade Slo-Set almost exclusively glue for years. As I work alone, complex glue-ups can be a challenging race against time, and the extra open time of the Slo-Set eases the pressure. It's somewhat less viscous than other wood glues , which makes it quicker to spread as well.
  • Superb Adhesive

    Tom Shehee, 2/24/2010 This is an excellent glue, especially for fine work where exact fits are necessary. Unlike other materials on the market place, this glue allows you to accurately place the work, still leaving enough time to change if needed. Bondage? You'll break the material before the joint if allowed to dry as directed. Only glue I use now.
  • You Need This GLue!

    Nick Gravagne, 2/10/2010 I glue up many complicated projects in my work. This is the glue to use unless you like living on the edge. When dry it is super strong, and it dries white. Also, when used from a small container, it remains liquid" for a reasonably long time. Slo-Set says it all. "
  • My Favorite General Purpose Woodworking Glue

    John, 11/26/2009 I first learned about this glue many years ago when taking a half day seminar with Kelly Mehler and it remains my favorite woodworking glue to this day. It is not a water resistant glue, so it isn't for outdoor projects, but for everyday woodworking it is the cat's meow. The extra open time takes a whole lot of stress out of the glue-up and clamping process.
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