Small Brass Table Lamp

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Clearance Small Brass Table Lamp
Classic beauty for soft reading illumination
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87A01.30 Wicks for Small Brass Table Lamp (10

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87A01.35 Brass Wall Mount for 7" Lamp

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These were found in every home in the 19th century until the acceptance of the electric light bulb. It burns either kerosene or lamp oil either of which are easily available locally. The Small Brass Lamp only 8" - for a more confined space or can also be hung using the Solid Brass Wall Mount for 7" Oil Lamp (87A01.35, shown here with a different lamp). Will burn steadily for many, many hours.

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  • Great lamp

    Mike Dd, 5/19/2017 Well made, will last a lifetime. Lighting lamp could be improved with a covered hole below wick. I may drill a hole and put a swing door over the hole.
  • Small Brass Table Lmp

    Greg Paine, 4/30/2017 Nice, compact, well-made lamp. Lighting it is a little awkward - you have to reach in and lift the chimney. It puts out more light than I expected. And the optional wall hanger puts it where the light is needed.
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