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Sale Small Bulb & Crocus Planter
Be prepared for early fall planting
69A01.21 Small Bulb & Crocus Planter

Available 01/27/2021

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Crocus and other late winter bloomers are best planted in early autumn. They are most effective in landscapes when planted in quantity, tightly spaced and clumped together in large swaths. Leave it to the bulb-loving Dutch to provide the perfect tool for such a job. Made of boron steel with hardwood ash handle, the planter is 10 long, weighs 6 oz, and has a diameter of 1‚1/2". Quick and efficient even putting in hundreds of bulbs. Also, really useful for forcing bulbs in pots.
About DeWit
DeWit tools are a direct connection to the time when the best tools often came from the village blacksmith. Innovated and evolved from experience and made to last forever, a DeWit-made tool represents the closest possible connection between the tool maker and the tool user to be found in today’s global market. Willem de Wit opened his blacksmith shop in Kornhorn, a small village in northern Holland, in 1898. He did all the things a country village blacksmith did back then – he was a farrier, repaired kettles and sold bicycles. When his sons joined him the business grew, making tools for agriculture. A DeWit tool came to be known to combine good design, skilled craftsmanship and the very best materials, and soon their spades and hoes were in demand all over Holland. The 4th generation of the de Wit family today runs the company by the same principles and standards. Skilled hand forging may be augmented with modern techniques and equipment where appropriate, but the essential connection between the designer/maker and the user endures – only now the de Wits listen to gardeners and farmers from all over the world. And their continued insistence on only the best materials can be readily appreciated in the use of FSC-certified ash handles and Swedish boron steel – the same steel used on a popular brand of bulldozer blades!

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  • good tool for bulbophiles

    Len Lehman, 5/5/2017 This little tool is great for planting small bulbs anywhere. I like the sturdy metal construction and the ease of cleaning. Not meant for mass plantings, it is wonderful for border work and small area landscape design. I give them to my gardening friends as valued gifts.
  • Great Little Bulb Planter

    Gail, 4/17/2016 This little tool seems to be sturdy and well made. I have not used it except to test it in a pot and it worked as expected. Whether it will be as great in the lawn planting my crocus is yet to be seen. The tool has a wooden handle that has a bit of finish on it but I added an extra coat so that when it gets heavy use, it will be easier to keep clean. It's a great size for small bulbs and I'm happy with this purchase.
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