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When this writer first picked up this tool, his first reaction was "so-what". The next minute after he slipped it into his hand he thought: "fantastic". The design is so unique and the cutters so close it's just like an extension of your forefinger. Every gardener should have one of these in his kit. No kidding. And it's very inexpensive. Very highly recommended.

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Overall Rating
  • I promise you won’t regret buying these pruners!

    Megan, 10/26/2020 I’m so impressed with these pruners! I wanted something for everyday use and these have delivered. They cut so smoothly and feel so good in your hand that there’s no fatigue. They’re surprisingly lightweight for such little powerhouse pruners. At such an affordable price, I’ll be buying more as gifts to both my seasoned and newbie gardener friends.
  • My Favorite Pruners EVER!!

    Jeannine Fitzgeralds, 10/12/2020 I bought a pair of these 2 years ago. I have small hands and they fit them perfectly. I am a landscaper and use these babies EVERY DAY!! I deadhead flowers with them. I cut tree limbs with them. I cut zip ties with them. I prune shrubs with them. I have worn the paint off of them :-) I just ordered 2 more. (I was only going to get 1 but SALE!) Thank you so much for making a pair of pruners that are so small and mighty! Just like me!
  • Best Pruners for People with Hand Arthritis!

    Gail, 9/23/2020 These pruners are perfect! I have arthritis and I have been searching for pruner that have a wide mouth opening without too much tension. All of the other pruner I have had require my hands to extend more to increase the blade opening. Not these-the size is perfect (my husband uses them as well). The grip is comfortable and they are very sharp. I highly recommend them!

    RON RIZZI, 9/7/2020 As Ted and Bill would say: “EXCELLENT!!”
    Comfortable, sharp as hell, and they can cut way above their weight. Pretty too.
  • Surprisingly versatile

    Ted Johnson, 7/27/2020 Great little pruners! I especially like the locking mechanism, which makes it easy to slide a pair into my back pocket while I'm gardening and know that they are secure. Purchased them primarily for dead heading roses, but have been surprised to find myself using them for many other spontaneous pruning projects. The most unexpected was this morning when I was tending to roses and, without really giving it much thought, moved on to some of my bonsai that were in need of shaping. Ordinarily this would have meant putting away the pruners I was using and going to the shed to get my "special" bonsai shears. Not today! I had actually finished a couple bonsai before I realized I was still using the "wrong" pruners!
    Rate & Review Grand Prize Winner July 2020 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Ted!
  • Bonsai pruners

    Gordon, 7/26/2020 Great for pruning my bonsai
  • Perfect Little Pruners

    Jane, 7/15/2020 I never thought I would care one way or another about clippers, but these are delightful. They really are like an extension of your hand -ergonomically perfect. They are a joy to use.
  • Great small pruners

    David Johnson, 5/30/2020 I bought these for my wife who loves to deadhead roses. It was hard to find a small bypass pruner that fit her hands. She loves these and I will probably never get to use them myself.
  • Great Little Pruners

    Rebecca Black, 5/17/2020 I bought these pruners for my 5 year old grandson who is a budding gardener. They fit his little hand perfectly and he loves them (under supervision)
  • Great mini pruners

    rebecca Black, 5/16/2020 I sent these little pruners to my 5 year old grandson as a gift after checking in with parents. He is a budding gardiner and they fit his is little hand perfectly.. Under supervision he is able to help in the garden and learn to appreciate good tools. They were a big hit.
  • Great latching mechanism, holds only when you want it to

    Helga Burre, 5/8/2020 I bought these pruners for their small size for dead heading flowers, and they work great. I especially like the latch position at the bottom.. On my larger hand pruners, the latch slides down and locks if i tip the pruners up. Also the latch hook should work much better than another pair of pruners where the latch swivel has lost position and fails to hold the pruners closed. The pruners ar a bit heavier than I expected, but that means they are sturdy.
  • Small bypass pruners

    Bobby M., 5/5/2020 I let my lady friend use them,and had a hard time getting them back. We both love these little bypass pruners. Great for small hands.
  • Handy, sharp and versatile

    Michael Rodgers, 4/19/2020 These sharp little pruners are extremely handy. I own quite a few pruners but, unless I am doing some hardcore pruning, I reach for these. They fit easily on my pocket and the latch prevents them from unintendedly opening. They are perfect for deadheading roses. Their small size allow me to trim in the difficult spots.
  • Little dynamo

    Susi cohen, 5/4/2019 Amazingly powerful and precise! Love the comfort and power of these little dynamos. The bright red color is icing on my cake!
  • Small Bypass Pruners Are the Best!

    Cathy, 5/4/2019 Absolutely love these pruners! The size is just right and the ease of use is great for my old hands. I love them so much I bought pairs for three of my friends and sister. One of my favorite gardening tools.
  • Pruner Will Rust.

    Jim Porter, 4/17/2019 I have used the pruner for over a year. It is a well designed and comfortable; however, it will rust when it gets wet. I am holding the pruner in my hand as I write this review. The blades, connector bolts / screws, nuts, and spring are rusted. The only parts not rusted are the power coated red frame and black lock. I find it hard to understand how a garden tool manufacturer would make outdoor tools that rust.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the Small Bypass Pruner. We’re sorry to hear that this happened. Most quality garden tools are made from some form of a carbon steel (as is this bypass pruner), and all will rust eventually. It’s imperative to clean and oil them after use, and dry thoroughly each time. We’re not sure what may have happened in your case, and don’t mean to doubt your experience but this can happen with even a small amount of moisture left on them.

  • Super little tool

    Al Hamilton, 12/28/2018 My wife & I walk every day two or three miles. and our only problem is people who have hedges, trees, etc. often thorny, that obstruct &/or overhang the side walk, full size pruners are too heavy to carry comfortably in a coat or pant,s pocket, these are just right plus the small size prevents us from possibly getting carried away.
  • Like a hand extention

    Sher Orpen, 12/26/2018 It's winter here, so not too much left to trim outside. I decided to try these on my houseplants and I love them! They fit well in my hand and are small enough to be positioned as easily as pointing to where I want to cut. The thumb guard helps keep them in position.
  • Great tool

    Joan G, 11/16/2018 I love this little pruner, just what I was looking for when my last pair bit the dust- well made, comfortable to hold and use, and red- easy to find when I leave them somewhere!
  • bypass user

    Robert Lee Dodendorf, 10/5/2018 A little larger then I expected but put to use right away. Cuts well and appears to be all I wanted and more. Hopefully, since I use multiple times a week during the growing season, it will maintain its sharpness or can be sharpened easily.
  • Retired landscaper

    Ellen B, 10/3/2018 My favorite pruners. Very comfortable in my sore hands. I'm so glad you sell these because I'm not ready to give up gardening, yet! Thank you!
  • small bypass pruner

    valerie c. walton, 9/21/2018 super sharp, very comfortable to hold with my small hands, best pruner ever owned
  • Very nice

    Dave Leeger, 9/15/2018 Small well made pruner, like the hand guard. perfect for smaller hands
  • Small & Handy

    Robert, 7/21/2018 When I mow my lawn I always carry a set of pruners in my back pocket to trim back overgrowth and cut tree sprouts out of the flower beds. I already own the two exact pruner handles with different heads so I already knew of the the hand fitting size and excellent quality of this pruner. For me this bypass type pruner is an all round pruner. It's all I need for house plants and yard. I use two larger pruners and three extended pruners for my shrubs and trees but these will always be in my back pocket. I highly recommend this small quality pruner as a secondary handy pocket pruner to your larger pruning tool set. You will not be disappointed.
  • Tiny but Mighty

    Denise Clemons, 5/9/2018 Love this little guy! Perfect size for my small hands with super-sharp cutting ability. This goes with me everywhere now.
  • Performs well

    Adam Rochmes, 11/14/2017 I bought this to care for several houseplants in my office. It's comfortable to hold, wicked sharp, and cuts cleanly.
  • Works Fine for Me

    David Guinot, 10/2/2017 I expected these shears to be a smaller than normal, but they turned out to be even smaller than I expected. But that’s OK, because they cut above their size class; probably due to very sharp blades. And the small size makes them easily pocketable; no fancy holsters needed on your belt. You’ll probably be wondering how that odd pronglike projection on one of the handles will work out, but it turns out to work quite naturally no matter which way the shears are held. With it up, it tucks in neatly between your thumb and forefinger, and with it down you’ll want to place it between your fore and middle fingers. But what I like best is the bright red and especially durable color of the handles. I mostly use my pruning shears while crawling around the bottoms of my shrubbery, so they tend to get left on the ground a lot. And the well-rusted black-painted color of my old shears tends to disappear on the ground, sometimes for days.
  • Very well made super sharp pruner

    Laura Leih, 9/27/2017 Great pruner, nice small size, easy to use, very well made, super sharp.
  • Magical constantly useful "cutter"

    Gena, 9/7/2017 Before getting one of these, I thought of a "pruner" as a tool to go & get to do some pruning. This one isn't like that; I want this one in my back pocket when I'm going out in the yard for almost any purpose. It fits in my hand so comfortly it seems magical. It has no "bulk" to it, no excess – it's a lightweight, streamlined, very effective & efficient cutting device with a million uses. Since it fits comfortably in my back pocket, I'll have it ready to pull out & quickly neaten up the viburnum bush; snip that bit of small tree root that the mower cut, leaving its 2 sides sticking up so it looks a little like a miniature St Louis Arch with its top snatched off; clip those small tree branches that have just grown to the point of scratching me when I'm mowing; prune back the dead bottom branches on the flowers – The things this small pruner helps accomplish immediately when the need is first spotted are almost endless, meaning things get done instead of being added to the list of tasks on my mind "needing done." Having it with me is akin to having a Swiss Army knife in my pocket except that it's a far more efficient "pruner" / cutter. I love it! Everyone should have one!
  • Great Small Pruners

    Tammy Fletcher, 8/18/2017 I am lefthanded and these cut very well for me, comfortable in your hand.
  • Small Bypass Pruner

    Mari Lim, 8/12/2017 Small and light in weight and gentle on my arthritic fingers. I love it!
  • Small pruner works great

    John Hanes, 6/13/2017 'Small' is right. I'm pretty big and have big hands, but this little pruner fits my hand fine. It's small enough to get in tight places to snip just the right twig or branch. Also, won't cause hand cramps like larger snips may - the close grip limits the mechanical advantage the branch exerts against your hand. The blade is very sharp, and bites right through fairly large branches that are still green and tough. What's not to like?
  • small bypass pruner

    Susan RIchardson, 6/6/2017 really handy for houseplants - love them!
  • Great little pruners

    Tim Burress, 5/19/2017 Great little pruners and are always handy as you can use the lock to hang them on a belt loop making them hard to lose also. Just right size and sharp.
  • Great Pruners

    Tim Burress, 5/19/2017 Great little pruners and are always handy as you can use the lock to hang them on a belt loop making them hard to lose also. Just right size and sharp.
  • small bypass pruner

    mike, 5/7/2017 works great
  • useful in small places

    anna mary crickmer, 3/7/2017 serviceable smaller size meets a need
  • pruner

    Dora Seeley, 1/27/2017 Great fit thanks
  • small bypass pruner

    Suzanne P. Fenner, 1/26/2017 Such a sweet little trimmer. Let's you get right in there!
  • Daughters-in-law

    Gail R. Foster, 1/18/2017 We bought mini bypass pruners for two of our daughters-in-law. What a marvelous gift that fits the hands that we love. We'll have to get some for ourselves!
  • small bypass pruners.

    Amy Goodmankiefer, 1/17/2017 Fits well in my hand, good action, well made!
  • Clipper

    Blair, 1/17/2017 Bought this for my wife. She likes the way it fits her small hand. I tried it, too, and got a good clean cut on evergreen branches.
  • Small pruned

    Randi Dickinson, 1/16/2017 The size is great. Easy to use
  • Small Bypass Pruners

    SE Brandon, 1/16/2017 Great product. Garrett Wade once again discovers a finds. My new go to clippers.
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