Small Flush Cutting Saw

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Small Flush Cutting Saw
49I07.06 Small Flush Cutting Saw

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Japanese craftsmen make frequent use of a special "non-backed" single edge saw to cut off absolutely flush fastening pegs, dowels, through tenons and other exposed "waste" parts of joints. The saw has an extremely flexible, thin blade and are specially filed with no set so they will not mar the adjacent surface.

The Japanese Flush Cutting Saw features a 6" long 24 tpi blade that tapers slightly toe to heel. Overall length 16-1/2", weight 2 oz. Sold separately and as part of the Set of 4 Japanese Saws.

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Overall Rating
  • The best saw I have ever owned

    Kevin Garrett, 1/11/2021 I had some Kreig plugs that were put in a few weeks ago. The plugs were anxious to be trimmed off and they were hopeful I had a better solution then I used the last time. They were very excited by how sharp, and accurate, the cuts were. I was able to cut them flush and no problem and without damaging the style.
  • Not the sharpest tool in the shop

    Wilson, 7/5/2020 This saw is just OK. Bought it to replace my old flush cutting saw which was bent too many times and wouldn't make a flush cut anymore. This brand new saw is not as sharp as my worn out saw. A bit disappointed.
  • Works great good product

    Jerome, 7/6/2019 Excellent fine woodworking tool very sharp easy to handle well made
  • "Wood" buy again!

    Kyle Monroe, 9/11/2018 Love how precise this blade is. I switched over on the recommendation from a friend and I can't believe how much cleaner my pieces look after the cut now. Would buy another!
  • Nice flush cuts

    Brian, 4/10/2016 This saw works as advertised. Makes nice clean flush cuts of dowels with no marring on the mating surface.
  • Fast Clean Cut

    Bob B, 6/5/2014 I got a nice surprise when I first used this saw. I used it to flush cut some dowels from the face of a work piece. I figured I would have to pull the saw through the dowel a few times to fully cut it off. Half way through the first pull the dowel was off. If I remember right, it was a 1/4 dowel. That is how sharp and fast it cuts. I've used it several times now and never found a scratch or even a nick on the face of the wood. I really like the saw. "
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