Small Lie-Nielsen Bronze Scraper

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Small Lie-Nielsen Bronze Scraper
Will make shavings fine as lace
25K02.01 Lie-Nielsen Bronze Scraper

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Inspired by the rare Stanley #212, this cherry-handled scraper is as easy to use one-handed as with two. The tool steel blade is beveled at 60°, and can be adjusted to suit different wood types and figures.

The flat sole keeps the scraper from digging in, producing smooth surfaces and crisp corners. The toothing blade is very useful for preparing a surface for gluing veneer by lightly roughening the surface without affecting its flatness.
  • Scraper length: 5-1/2
  • Blade thickness: 1/8"

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  • A Better Alternative

    Gary Halliday, 7/8/2018 A scraper is the better alternative to sandpaper for leveling and for preparing surfaces for finishing. A scraper plane is a more precise alternative to a scraper. It will produce a clean absolutely flat surface, better for subsequent finishing or gluing. Stronger glue joints are produced and better finish results are achieved. It is particularly useful in leveling woods of differing hardness as in the case of certain inlays.

    I have several Lie-Nielsen tools. I have relied on them for years for their unmatched quality and precision. I am a stringed instrument maker and also build furniture. I will not compromise on the quality of the tools I need to facilitate my craft.

    One example of the use of the small scraper plane I recently bought is for the leveling of rosettes, the decoration encircling the sound hole, on guitar tops. My signature rosette is of manzanita burl inlayed into much softer spruce. Manzanita is dark in color and has a wild grain. I can level the rosette to the top without tear-out and without discoloring the spruce around the rosette, and may I add, without so much time and effort as with sandpaper or hand scrapers.

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