Adjustable Magnetic Tool Trays in Two Sizes

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Adjustable Magnetic Tool Trays in Two Sizes
great for roving indoor and outdoor jobs
09A01.04 Small Magnetic Tray

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09A01.05 Large Magnetic Tray

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These fully Adjustable Magnetic Tool Trays are superb tool and hardware holders for your roving jobs, indoors and out. Both steel trays rotate to seven different locking positions, from the underside of objects to the top of a horizontal surface, and everything in between. Will hold your lug wrenches and nuts in the driveway when working on the car, or will organize the dozens of hardware bits and Allen keys when constructing DIY furniture. Mountable to any steel surface, with protective rubber gaskets covering the strong magnets.

The small tray has a 2½ lb. holding capacity and dimensions at 6 x 2¾ x 1" deep. The Large tray has a 5 lb. capacity and dimensions at 11 x 7 x 1" deep. We’ll bet you’ll find dozens of uses for these in the house, shop or garage.

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