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Sale Small, Precise Locking Tools
Inexpensive, yet endlessly useful in the shop
88H03.06 Slide-Locking Tweezer

Available 10/27/2020


88H03.10 Locking Pliers (pr)

Available 10/27/2020


88H03.20 Pair Pliers + Tweezer

Available 10/27/2020

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Just think of it for a minute. You're trying to hold onto something (or hold two things together) in the midst of a complicated work step and need to let go for a minute - but don't have three hands. The virtue of a precision locking pliers is obvious. The two Clamps (one straight and the other with a curved tip) are overall 5" long with a gripping length is 1-1/2". Available as a pair. PVC coated stainless steel.

And the Slide Locking Tweezer is simply a gem of a tool. Only 5-1/2" long, this small Tweezer opens to 1/2" and closes with a sliding fitting that works with thumb pressure. The closure stay where you leave it so control is precise and firm. We really like it and so will you. Stainless steel. Get all three at the same time for an even better value.

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Overall Rating
  • Tools

    Ken levin, 7/4/2020 Great tools, well made
  • Well made

    Charlie Thieme, 12/13/2019 Well made, comfortable to use.
  • Locking Tools

    Jim, 4/19/2019 Excellent
  • High Quality

    Fred Spagna, 1/19/2019 Great quality. Work well.
  • Great Clamps

    Fred Spagna, 1/19/2019 High quality. Work well.
  • Locking Pliers (pr) are misnamed hemostats

    Steve, 12/2/2018 Locking Pliers (pr) - Got these on a two for one deal so I have four. They are just rubber coated hemostats. Calling them any kind of pliers is a stretch. Without the misnaming I would have rated them five stars. I did not have the rubber over the locking portion problem that Simone had although it can seem that way as the fit is quite flush.
  • Handy when you need them

    Greg Koshak, 11/29/2018 Reach it and hold it tight.
  • Will be very useful with small items

    Don Starke, 6/30/2018 These are just what I needed to round out my “small tool” tool box. Have not used yet but they appear to be potentially very useful when I need them.
  • Great for handling small parts

    Kenn, 6/25/2018 Just what I needed for model work.
  • Nice Tools

    Candice, 4/26/2018 There was a bit of a learning curve trying to open these. They came in the "locked" position and it took quite a bit of fiddling to figure out that you need to press the handles in and then away from each other. I've never used this sort of tool before, but now I really like them. And getting them in the set with the tweezers was a really great deal. I've already used the tweezers in a bunch of situations. So much finer than anything you can get in regular retail. I knocked off one star because, as usual, the locking pliers are much easier for a right-handed person to use. As a lefty, the mechanism is a bit uncomfortable to maneuver.
  • Clamp is covered in red plastic- have to pry it off!

    Simone Javaher, 1/2/2018 Having been a surgical nurse, I knew these "Kelly Clamps" would be useful. But I was surprised that the thick red plastic coating covered the entire locking portion! I had to use a utility knife razor blade to cut it away from the locking teeth - inconvenient and hazardous, as it was thick and hard to cut away. There's really no need to have the red plastic on there. Just makes it harder if you have thick thumbs and fingers.
  • Good value

    Gary S. in PA, 12/8/2017 No slivers yet but quality is great . I rest assured they will work fine .
  • Just the Thing to get in There and HOLD ON!

    WV1800es, 4/11/2017 Great tools for where those big ol' fingers just won't fit! The hemostats clamp down and lock solid, and the locking tweezers grab and hold well too. These tools are never far from where I'm working.
  • Just what I needed

    John, 4/10/2017 Have not had the chance to use yet, but the quality appears to be good and they are exactly what I need ...
  • Slide locking tweezer

    John L. Puffenbarger, 3/1/2017 I have never had a locking tweezer like the ones I ordered. I think they are great. They will make holding on to small items a lot easier. Thanks to Garrett Wade for stocking the item!
  • Good QC

    William Hvozda, 2/1/2017 Imported doesn't matter with good QC as this manufacturer has. Sold and tight. Perfect for the hobby use I needed them for.
  • Precisely What I Needed

    Chicago Redd, 12/30/2016 Garrett Wade never disappoints . NO HOW NO WAY. Thought that the locking pliers would be my go to tool. WRONG! The self locking tweezers are perfect for any job that needs a grip in tight spaces.
  • Small locking tweezers

    Donald Beeler, 12/24/2016 Good quality and are exactly what I needed.
  • Must have

    Bob laird, 12/20/2016 These are a must have. Coated handles an strong
  • Great Tweezers‼️

    CTaylor, 7/29/2016 Great locking tweezers!!
  • Awesome....

    Michael, 6/11/2016 Awesome pair of locking tweezers... holds about anything....
  • This will grab you!

    Patricia Flood, 4/13/2016 This tweezer really grabs and hangs on to everything. I make jewelry and this has become my "go to" tool for handling tiny pieces.
  • Locking tools

    Patricia Flood, 4/13/2016 I'm used to using surgical tools so I find the rubber handles a bit clumsy, but also comfortable when using the tool for a long period of time.
  • No more losing parts!

    Ross, 4/3/2016 In a short time, these tweezers have already proved their worth. Whether I'm tinkering with appliances and electronics, building models, sorting small parts, or picking up items in hard to reach places, these tweezers have been invaluable. In the past, I've used regular tweezers, and I felt like I was constantly down on hands and knees searching for whatever small part fell on the floor after my grip inevitably loosened. Now, once I have my piece, I lock it in place and don't worry until I'm ready to let go. These tweezers are well built, and work smoothly and consistently. Perfect.
  • Great In A Pinch

    Dick, 6/27/2015 I had a little project to do this morning that depended on holding a small clip in a flush valve chain open so I could change a flush valve seal. I have thousands of dollars worth of tools, non of which were working, and then I remembered I have a box of new tools on the kitchen table. I realized I had these great little forceps in that order and the curved pair was just what I needed to hold open the chinchy little clip that connected the flush valve to the chain. Long story short these little tools helped me fix a some what simple problem with almost no cussing or tool throwing.
  • Handyman's Handy Tools

    Frank Hansel, 4/14/2015 I used to be a business machine tech. I had a pair of medical hemostats, greatest tool for holding small parts to put in a tight spot. I lost my stats so here's hoping these will do the same.
  • Great Product!

    Karen, 1/19/2015 The locking tweezers are perfect! My husband makes fishing lures and when he's working with small beads he had trouble holding them with regular tweezers. The locking tweezers solved the problem for him! They hold the beads securely and he doesn't drop them all over the floor. Once the lure is made, he just unlocks the tweezers and voila! No lost beads. I would highly recommend this product.
  • Handy Tools

    Rob Burns, 12/27/2014 Thesmall, precise locking tools" are extremely handy for removing the paper / cardboard seal on pill bottles. It is much easier than trying to use my fingers and also easier than using a knife or scissors to make a slit in the top. I've also used the tweezers to hold an eyeglass screw in place so that I could turn the screw with a tiny screwdriver. Well worth the money. They have already paid for themselves."
  • Stuck Closed By Plastic Coating

    Manny, 4/6/2014 I received the pliers a couple of days ago, and still have not been able to open them. I guess I will have to put more effort into this. Like cutting the plastic off. I see I am not the only one with this problem.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Locking Pliers. We are sorry you experienced this problem. This happens occasionally. Our technician has advised that you grasp one loop in the left hand and the other loop in the right hand. Lift slightly with one hand and press down with the other. They will open without needing to cut anything. If you have further questions, please feel free to call our 1-800 number and ask to speak to our technical department.
  • Precise Locking Tools

    Patricia Stout, 12/11/2013 Really great for my craft projects.
  • Poorly Made Pliers

    Tim Douglas, 8/6/2013 When I opened the package I discovered that both of the pliers were stuck firmly to the plastic bags. After getting them out by ripping the bags apart, it turned out that the rubber coating on the handles completely covered the entire top half of the pliers and was still tacky. I had to cut away a large chunk of it to get them to open. Now, I have two pliers that work fine, but look really bad.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Locking Pliers. The rubber coating on these is just a tad sticky. It seems that they somehow were subjected to high temperatures during shipment which has caused the coating on the tool to stick to the plastic bag. Please feel free to return them and request that they be removed from the plastic bag before we ship them out to you. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Professional Set

    Debbie, 12/29/2012 This is a beautifully crafted little set. Much better than the old suture kit I have been using for crafting. Bought one for hubby, too, a budding woodworker. He was thrilled.
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