Rubber-Tipped Small Scale Woodworking Clamps

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Clearance Rubber-Tipped Small Scale Woodworking Clamps
10M06.10 10 Small Clamps

Available 10/27/2020


10M06.20 10 Large Clamps

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10M06.30 Two Sets of Clamps (20)

Available 10/27/2020

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These may be the most unassuming tools we have ever seen, but also perhaps the most useful. Frankly, we have never seen anything like them. They will be absolutely great in the shop and all around the house (even in the kitchen, or to hang bar rags).

Each clamp has two rubber gripping pads and uses an integral lever to close the clamp to its final position. The lever will hold its position at any point. The Small Clamp has a capacity of 5/16" max opening to zero. The Large Clamp has a capacity of 1-1/16" max opening to zero.

These are not fancy tools but are very, very useful-and very inexpensive. We recommend them very highly. Available in sets of 10 each and in a master kit of 20 (10 of each size). Made In India.

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Overall Rating
  • small clamps

    monte, 3/7/2020 just like the set i purchased 30 years ago the are very stiff to close but like my other set the will work better the more i use them
  • Difficult to close

    John, 2/24/2020 Generally work well but are very hard to close. You need to start applying most pressure when the lever is at 90 degrees to the tool which makes it difficult to keep in place. They are also difficult to release. Not sure I would buy again.
  • Okay but could be better

    Jerry malishchak, 3/27/2018 I am an acoustical ceiling contractor. We have been using claps like these since the early 70s back then they held our jet line to the ceiling very well the quality coming from overseas has dropped on these clamps some of them hold very well and some of them don't of all the places I have tried to purchase these in the past five years the ones that Garrett Wade are the best but they can still be better
  • Tight and Secure

    Wes Padgett, 3/5/2017 These things are super! There is a size for just about every job. The small clamps are especially great. My wife uses them for repairing small stained glass pieces. She can hold each piece firmly in place while soldering. Makes the whole process 100% easier.
  • Nice clamps customer service needs vast improvement

    Bill Shea, 2/10/2017 These are handy enjoyable clamps, useful to any model maker, woodworker or crafts person.
  • They Must Be Good ..

    Cliff, 2/18/2014 .. if they've been around this long. My dad ran a sheet metal fab shop in the 60's and I worked there in the summer. Being the boss's kid I got to do a lot of fun stuff. One thing was building a custom aluminum Buckminister Fuller dome on spec. Must have used a zillion of these to set up and then pop-rivet everything together. They grab and hold great. I have the feeling they go way back as my Dad worked in an aircraft factory during WWII and a lot of what he used he learned there. These could have been in existence then, although I don't really know. I would have bought these on nostalgia alone but they are super handy!
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner February 2014 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Henry!!
  • Not Quite As Good As I Was Hoping For

    J. King, 1/30/2014 I purchased these clamps with the intent of using them for balsa model work. There small size permits additional options over standard spring clamps but the clamping mechanism has some limitations. First, the claim that The lever will hold its position at any point." is true as long as it's at one of the four flat surface on the cam. Any other position slips towards the flat it's biased towards. Second, the first problem means that a user may end up with excessive or insufficient clamping force. Overall, as long as you're willing to work with the limitations, these clamps provide a few more options for modelers. Plus, who doesn't need a few more clamps!?"
  • Wonderful Little Things!

    Susan, 6/28/2010 These little clamps are already making themselves indispensable in my shop! I got a set of each size. They find themselves clamping small projects, holding things up to dry, keeping thin veneers from slipping, holding fabric onto displays, keeping keys handy, and even pinning notes up on the lamp so I won't forget things. They are just a tad stiff to begin with, but that is probably necessary from a design standpoint. You need a bit o' friction to make them effective I reckon. I love these things. Worth their weight in gold.
  • Large-Scale Review For Small Scale Clamps

    Terry, 4/20/2009 Most of my woodworking is building smaller items for a model railroad layout. I find these small-scale clamps very useful. I can adjust the pressure by not closing the lever all the way close, thereby not crushing smaller items. The rubber tips provide immediate release without sticking. I give them a hearty thumbs up.
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