SOG Knife Sharpener

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SOG Knife Sharpener
This one really works - easily
04D03.11 SOG Knife Sharpener

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Works on every style of knife - serrated-edge included. The solid carbide sharpening inserts are much harder than any steel and quickly put on a new edge. You can feel it happening, the vacuum base holds the sharpener firmly down on any flat surface, and then a quick release of the clamp lever allows you to put it away. Of the dozens of knife sharpeners we have tested, this is the best value.

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Overall Rating
  • Handy kitchen tool

    Mark A. Zebracki, 5/5/2020 Small but locks down on surface and makes knifes sharper very quick.
  • Little dynamo

    Tom Crofut , 10/5/2018 Very stable and initially sharpens very well. Hope replacement inserts are available when the day comes...
  • Nice gadget

    Robert Cunningham, 12/14/2017 Very effective. I especially like the stability and ease of attaching to counter-top.
  • Happy customer

    A. Kerner, 12/11/2017 First sharpener I've purchased and I am satisfied. It is easy to set up and seems to work very well for me, a novice at sharpening knives. It is built solid and holds to the surface while I am working with it. Blades get real sharp. Thanks for a fine product!
  • really does the trick

    Tara , 11/5/2017 Sharpens blade for sure and for the price, you can't beat it.
  • Knife fan

    Jay Smith, 4/25/2017 Good sharpener... Serrated edges take some technique and trail and error.
  • SOG Knife Sharpener

    Brent Hemer, 11/25/2016 As other reviews, works well and a steel brings out the best in the blades. No surprise there.
  • Good starting point

    Michael Cowan, 10/21/2016 A good basic sharpener. However, as noted before, you still need to use a steel afterwards.

  • SOG knife sharpener

    jack c lewis, 6/25/2016 Works very well, but knife edge need final work with a steel!
  • Best sharpener

    Richard Warner, 4/20/2016 Great sharpener.
  • Great for Kitchen

    Pete, 1/12/2015 Great for the kitchen. Very stable on granite counter. Edge is just ok not great.
  • Great Sharpener

    Art G., 12/14/2014 If you're not a professional knife sharpener this is for the rest of us. Simple to use. No more stacking your knives till you have time to take them to the hardware store for sharpening.
  • Knife Sharperner

    Robert Clark, 10/21/2014 Works as advertised. Not a super sharp edge but surely good enough for kitchen use.
  • Great For Kitchen Knives

    Neema P, 7/28/2014 Compact, easy to use and super convenient in the house/ktichen. I wouldn't sharpen my best knives with this but you can't beat the price and convenience!
  • Sharpen Knives

    Jud, 7/15/2014 Small and kinda ugly but does a nice job of sharpening knives. Using it is very easy.
  • Sharpest Knives

    Carey Boethel, 12/9/2013 This is an inexpensive handy little tool that will provide your kitchen and personal knives with a consistently sharp holding edge. It is highly useful and well within your easy reach because it doesn't take up nay room. And while knives aren't sharpened to a dangerously razor edge level, they become effectively sharp and when dulled again from extensive use, their fine cutting edge can be restored in less than a minute--highly recommended.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner December 2013 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Carey!!
  • Best Knife Sharpener I've Found in 30 Years of Looking

    Carolie, 11/9/2013 I love it! I now have sharp scissors and knives again. It has saved me so much money in not having to replace all these items. The downside is that I have cut myself more often accidentally now that everything is sharp again. :)
  • Knife Sharpener

    Bob Atkins, 3/20/2013 I had to look long and hard before I bought this item. I'm sure you had one review that referred to it as a toy. This toy was just what I was looking for . We have a set of Henckels Knives I was never able to sharpen with a steel to my satisfaction. Not to worry I now have atoy" that does fine. It's fast It does an outstanding job follow the direction and it's safe. No more dull knives. Bob"
  • Universal Knife Sharpener

    Fred, 1/3/2013 Right tool, right now, works as advertised.
  • Knife Sharpener

    Paul, 6/16/2011 This sharpener is very easy to use. It has a vacuum base that holds on to the counter allowing greater control over the sharpening process. Sharpens knives quickly as well. It handles all sizes of blades with ease.
  • Good Unit

    Robert Seddon, 12/16/2010 Good unit for sharpening light knives, big ones may get ungainly on you.
  • Best I've Used

    Terry Bruton, 12/13/2010 Best sharpener I've used. Sharpens ever knife in your drawer. Safe to use, no holding in your hand, fastens securely to any flat surface. I've since bought 3 more for gifts.
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