Soil Condition Test Kit

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Soil Condition Test Kit
Moisture, pH and soil temperature in one simple meter
14N10.22 Soil Condition Test Kit

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With a sensor probe 8" long, this soil test kit will give you three very helpful readings: pH, moisture content, and soil temperature. A pH reading in the Fall will tell you if you should recondition the bed for alkalinity. The soil temperature gauge will tell you when it's ready for springtime planting. Helps you become a much more informed gardener.

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  • Better than elf on the shelf!

    Mary Ann Ambrose, 12/28/2018 Perfect and so well priced! My husband is a horticulturist and yet we are always guessing about water! And we live where we need to be really careful with water use. So this will be a well-used tool! One concern: the battery connectors are a bit flimsy.
  • Soil tester

    Ming Louie, 7/8/2018 I love this thing, my flowers seem happy my grass is happy. My lawn was a mess when a bad concrete worker poured slurry on my lawn some years ago. I feel like I know what I'm doing now. I have mulberry, crabapple, pine, oak, catalpa, evergreen, gingko, and maple trees, along with bamboo all needing different pH.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner July 2018 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Ming!!
  • Take your own chances, but it did not work for me.

    rob senn, 11/2/2017 I want to like this meter. It is a higher quality than the "toys" you see in big box stores, but not crazy expensive like the really high end tools. But my experience has not been good. My main goal was moisture measurement, so I could adjust my landscape watering based on real measures. (It should indicate dirt moisture along a five point scale.). But the electronics are stuck on a reading of "Wet+". No reboot, or battery change, or drying treatment changes the moisture reading. Kind of defeats my purpose. Take your own chances, but it did not work for me.
  • Soil tester

    Kevin McArdle, 9/5/2016 I had issues this year with plants jot setting fruit, and this tool eliminates guess work in adding soil amendments. Great tool, but better when it's on sale.
  • Multipurpose product great aid to garden success

    Janet Thornton , 5/10/2016 My gardening is constructed using Paul Gautschi's Back to Eden method which has layers of compost and a topped with wood chips. This instrument allows me to check moisture, ph, and temperature without disturbing the layers. Very happy to have this 3-in-one product.
  • Smart instrument.

    Jerry L Jacobs, 5/6/2016 I used it immediately after I received it. I would have had another garden failure without the information this instrument gave me. It indicated I need to apply lime on my garden to raise the ph from about 5.0 to an expected 7.0 in the near future. Soil temperature was 75 which is just right for planting.
  • Soil Condition tester

    Nancy Flynn, 3/4/2016 Very easy to use by an inexperienced gardener.
    readings are clear and explained.
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