Solar Driven Model Tri-Plane

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Solar Driven Model Tri-Plane
Takes just a little solar energy for it to fly 24/7
40S01.03 Solar Driven Model Tri-Plane

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The frame of this lightweight balsa wood toy tri-plane is easily assembled (instructions included). The other parts (solid hardwood base, vertical support, brass arm, pivot, solar panel) are supplied complete – no assembly required. The solar panel is so efficient and the pivot and overall balance so perfect that, when assembled, the electrical power generated by a sunbeam coming through a window (or a simple low wattage light bulb) will keep the propeller turning steadily all day (or all night if the bulb is left on).

Very calming and soothing to the psyche, and highly recommended for all in our high velocity culture. Almost hypnotic, it makes you smile.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD. Toy Contains Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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  • happy time

    bill fausett, 1/1/2019 A pleasure to put together. Everyone just happy to sit and watch it. So relaxing
  • Solar driven Model Tri-Plane

    Andy Kovacs, 11/27/2018 Very nice project and flys beautifully. I took the model to "another level" and it make the plane look much better. Will send a video if you tell me how......
  • Solar-Driven Model Triplane

    J.R. Fanchalsky, 10/19/2018 A very enjoyable kit. The close laser-cut tolerance between pieces to be fitted together obviated the need for any glue during construction. The brass tube going through the middle wing is tight--heed the warning re application of force. The method I hit upon kfor threading the motor wires was: feed fishing filament through the long end of the tube; tie a loop to create a slip knot and braid it into the black and red wires (I also twisted the wires into one to get both through in one effort; instead of pushing,you can pull the wires through w/ gentle effort. Because the motor, propeller and mounting ring are left to dangle for a fair amoung of construction time (step 2 to 13), ensure the assemble is not subject to any pressures or knock. I had to make a slight modification to the upper wing to accommodate the brass tube--I cut a very small square square notch into the trailing edge of the wing which allowed perfect fitting of the upper wing to the wing strut ends.--After several hour of flight, one of the wheels and its retaining dick fell from the axle plate. I reinstalled both wheels and applied a pinpoint of carpenters glue for each retaining disk--the only glue neede for the entire job. Flying again--it's like "whisper mode."
  • Very entertaining and it really works as described.

    John Kostopoulos, 12/10/2016 It took about two hours to put together. The parts are cut with precision with laser beam and fit perfectly. Pass the two wires through the metal pipe one at a time.
  • Great project!!

    Lawrence Watkins, 12/3/2016 Very satisfying project. So well made it's parts fit tightly together without glue. Be careful not to force the more delicate pieces. Customer support is top notch should you have any problems.
  • Solar powered Tri-Plane is great

    K Drew, 10/30/2016 Fun and Relaxing project
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