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Solid Beech Crafts Storage Box
$ 172.5
This cantilevered, three level sewing box in solid beech easily helps move your work to a clear surface. Great looking and very well made, with smooth articulation, finger joints on all three tiers, plus hidden hinges on the top level lids. A carrying handle, brass closures, plus side and top handles, make it easy to maneuver. The top left drawer offers multiple dividers for storing easily mixed up items.

Sometimes known as an “accordion sewing box”, this is a great gift for yourself or the home crafter in your life. Its relatively small footprint (8 x 14 ¾”) makes it ideal for small spaces, and the 13 individual storage sections (nine 1 ¾” x 1 ¾”, three 6 ¼”  x 7", and one 7 x 13 ¾” keep a huge variety of materials well organized. For all craftspeople (or anyone with more projects than workspace), this one is a real beauty.

Dimensions: 7 ¾” W x 14 ¾” L (closed; 31" long when opened); 11 ½” high from base to top of handle.

Drawer depths: Bottom, 2 ½”, Middle 2", Top 1 ⅜”
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