Solid Brass 14" Tall Hurricane Lamp

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Clearance Solid Brass 14" Tall Hurricane Lamp
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An especially beautiful lamp it has taken us 20 years to find again
87A01.17 Solid Brass 14" Hurricane

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87A01.09 Replacement Glass for 14" Hurricane

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87A01.08 10 Replacement Wicks

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56A02.05 Copper Funnel - Large

Available 11/05/2020


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As you may gather, we are enthusiasts for hurricane lamps. We love the soft, calming light they produce and the fact that they will reliably burn for hours and are completely portable. Twenty years ago, we were shown one made of Solid Polished Brass, but the company had ceased production and could not be persuaded to start again. Now we have found one again.

As is true of the others we have of plated or painted steel, this style of non-electric light which uses lamp oil or kerosene equally well, is an excellent home emergency source of illumination as well as providing reliable light when "off the grid" (in a remote vacation home, camping or another adventure). Inexpensive to operate, safe, and long lasting without fuss or bother, it is virtually impossible to blow them out unintentionally. Testing shows that this will stay well lit without refilling for over 24 hours with a medium flame. It's a beauty.

The large handsome Copper Filling Funnel (not shown) is an excellent addition, and helps when adding fuel to lamps. Fuel is easily available locally.

Buy 3 or more and save 10%.

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Overall Rating
  • Replacements for Vintage Lantern Globes

    Sarah, 5/18/2020 I bought these replacement lantern globes for some vintage lanterns. They fit perfectly and I was thrilled.
  • Elegant utilitarian tool

    Bill, 4/26/2020 An elegant way to fill your oil lamps. Very well bult and will last a lifetime, guaranteed to be an a future antiques show a hundred years from now.
  • Work of Art

    Tommy, 4/24/2020 The 14" tall brass hurricane lamp is a work of art. As well as excellent functionality.
    You don't find lamps like these just anywhere. I would buy it again!
  • Large funnel

    Mr. Kim Stockinger , 12/1/2019 Goes hand in hand with the lamp. Nice accessory.
  • Brass 14” Hurricane Lamp

    Kim Harrell , 1/1/2019 Stunning - I gave this as a gift to a collector of and he adored it
  • OK brass lamp

    Tom K, 8/31/2018 This lamp, unlike the smaller lamps, is very lightweight. It's pretty but I wonder how it will hold up. I'm left with the feeling that it is not up to the normally high standards of Garrett Wade products.
  • This is a win, win, win!

    Mary , 10/30/2017 This lamp is truly stunning. It looks great on our mantle as a decoration. But it serves double duty as emergency lighting. Worth the money!! A wonderful holiday gift, too!
  • Lantern refill cap

    Steve, 10/22/2017 I like the lantern but the cap for the oil filler did not come loose after the first fill,the threads are turning in the tank so i have to use two pairs of pliars to get the cap off.Thats kind of a pain when your camping
  • Poorly built

    Scott, 10/22/2017 Poor quality - parts were misaligned, gaps between fuse cap and oil chamber, garish welds, and flimsy feel. I would not consider this to be a functional piece as it would be dangerous to use. Looks nice unless you get close.
  • solid brass 14" hurricane lamp

    Ginna, 12/31/2016 Gorgeous! Love it! Just as we wanted and more! We live on the banks of a river and love nautical decor. This is perfect!
  • Get two!

    Laurel Tomac, 12/8/2016 Perfect! We've been forced to suffer with cheap tin pressed metal hurricane lamps for years - saw this and immediately thought " why keep buying junk?" Not disjointed. Decorative and very useful for emergencies and just a romantic night on the back porch.
  • Brass Hurricane Lamp

    J Mack, 3/4/2016 I've been looking for an oil lamp for some time now. This hurricane lamp fits my style. It has a nostalgic brass look and is essential if I lose electrical power. At first I thought it was to big but after lighting it a few times the size is perfect. Thank you Garrett Wade for one of many essential items I've purchased from your company.
  • Outstanding

    Katherine Webb, 9/14/2015 Thanks for making this available again, my dad had one, but when he passed it came up missing. I haven't had an opportunity to use it yet, but I rest assured that it will be ready when needed.
  • Nice Decoration But Doesn't Work

    Rick R, 4/25/2015 Well, these looked great in the catalog so I bought one several months ago. Was a bit disappointed when it arrived as it seemed more flimsy than it appeared (especially since it was described in the catalog as solid brass") but thought it would work. Well the power went out tonight and I pulled out the lamp for the first time and attempted to fill it with oil. The cap not only cross-threaded (as another reviewer observed) but the stem of the cap is not even welded properly to the tank so the darn thing leaks oil everywhere when you move it (making it a definite fire-hazard). If you want something that is decorative only then buy it; however if you want something that is sturdier and actually works as advertised buy the Miner's Lamp."
  • Costly -- But Worth It

    George, 12/11/2014 At first glance this lamp seems expensive -- until it arrives and one compares it with other makes and models. Not too much to it -- and I can't wait til Spring/summer/fall -- when the three I purchased will truly add to my (off grid) camp.
  • They are wicks afterall

    Mark, 12/8/2013 They do exactly what they say they do, replace wicks.
  • Have you seen the light?

    Mark, 12/8/2013 Good looking, very nice. Do not overfill! It will leak. Easy to operate, quality piece.
  • Hurricane Lamp/Wicks

    Mary Madore, 10/29/2013 I placed my first order by phone. The salesperson was polite and very helpful. My second order by internet. Items arrived on time in good condition and I am very satisfied with the quality of your products and so are my friends. I'll be ordering again tonight.
  • Lantern

    FOliveria, 10/23/2013 Absolutely beautiful. Makes a nice light. I use it as a decoration on a desk made my father-in-law in the early 1950's. It compliments the other period items on the desk. When the power is off (often), it will be a source of light. I am very pleased with the purchase.
  • Garrett Wade Does It Again

    Q Smythe, 8/21/2013 Garrett Wade is making a splash with some wonderful retro brass lamps - this is the second lamp that I've bought for both decorative and night-time on-the-deck use in the mountains of Utah. Keep the great products coming, G-W
  • Good Back-Up

    Brad, 2/27/2013 If you're looking for a newly made solid brass lantern, you can't beat this price. Just realize you get what you pay for. I believe it would be an acceptable back-up when storage in a moist environment can't be avoided: boathouse, barn, remote cabin, etc. I need an everyday-use lantern, so I am returning this due to fit of parts. All the parts work but the action of the globe raising lever and the wick feed knob feel jerky/uneven. It's no Dietz. Again, I believe, if used with care, occasionally, this would serve it's purpose well, especially for the price.
  • Kerosene OK

    Joe, 1/2/2013 I bought the lamps for Christmas presents for friends who all live in the country where power is less than reliable. The lamps came marked for paraffin only" even though they were advertised as suitable for kerosene or lamp oil. I wrote a response to GW and receive a prompt reply that kerosene was in fact OK which has been validated by use. The climate down here is humid and salty. Standard lamps rust and I expect these to much more durable. They could have been packed to protect the upper chimney closure but small cosmetic dents were easily repaired. I have many lamps and am pleased with these. "
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