Solid Brass Handbells with Wood Handles

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Sale Solid Brass Handbells with Wood Handles
A charming way to call for attention
86A03.11 4" Brass Hand Bell

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These classically styled handbells are made of all brass, with solid, easy to grip wood handles. Made in three sizes (2¼", 3⅜", and 4"), each has a very distinct sound, from a delicate tinkle to a robust clang. Call ‘em in to dinner from the back 40, ask for attention in a group, or just have fun. We just couldn’t resist these.

We list them individually, as a set of all three and as a set of two (smallest plus the largest). All will bring a smile.


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  • 3 3/8" brass bell

    john , 12/29/2018 excellent tone quality....superb workmanship
  • Ring a ling a ling, I need you!

    TMM, 5/5/2018 I bought this for my 92 y/o mom who is living with me. The purpose of the bell is she can ring it at night if she needs anything. Since I have a baby monitor in her room the ringing of the bell comes through LOUD AND CLEAR without much effort on her part. I'm very pleased with the size, sound and quality and workmanship.
  • Happy with all three

    Lorelyn Pelatt, 12/21/2017 I ordered all 3 sizes of bells and each one has a beautiful sound. the little one is on my granddaughter's tea cart and the large one is the dinner bell. Everyone likes them.

    Jack , 11/14/2017 Large brass bell was for a friend - always wanted a dinner bell. Good quality in finish and sound: A+
  • Brass Dinner Bell

    richard carabillo, 7/15/2017 This brass 2" dinner bell makes my wife very happy. She uses it to remind me to get off the computer when it's late at knight, not to quiet not too loud. The quality is top notch and it looks great too. Well worth the price.
  • Recess is over.....

    Thomas Shackelford, 5/12/2017 We were thinking about a gift for our Grand daughter's teacher. The Teacher is AWESOME! This is per our Grand daughter. The teachers that I had when attending a small school in rural Kansas used a hand bell similar to this to signal that recess was over and it was time to resume study. The bell is well made with a classic appearance and good loud clang. This bell will be a nice way (and different) to acknowledge the special impact this teacher has had for her young impressionable student. Who knows.... it may get some actual use in the future!
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