Solid Brass Multi-Hose Splitter

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Bestseller Solid Brass Multi-Hose Splitter
A durable hose splitter is perfect for your yard and garden.
15T06.01 45 Degree Faucet Elbow

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15T06.02 1-Way Faucet Manifold

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15T06.03 2-Way Faucet Manifold

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15T06.04 4-Way Faucet Manifold - All Brass

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62K13.01 Female Adapter (#1)

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62K30.05 10 Pcs.Hose Washers

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Rust-Proof Hose Splitter

If you want to make watering easier, this multi-line hose splitter that lets you run up to 4 hoses from a single spigot. Our brass garden hose splitter hardware gives you the option to add a single, double, or four-way manifold. We also offer brass hardware to help you get more use from your hoses so you can get your yard work done more efficiently.

All Manifolds are made with knurled round connectors to securely tighten or easily loosen the connection to the water source. Get a female adaptor for each opening so that you can use a quick-connect hose.

Not for use with water for human consumption. This product is not intended to be used in potable services such as drinking water, hand washing, food preparation, and dishwashing.

Quality Yard Tools

If you’re used to plastic hose splitters, you’re in for a treat. Brass doesn’t weather or become brittle the same way plastic does, and it doesn’t suffer from corrosion the same as many metal splitters do. The result is a durable solution that helps you lay more hose for sprinkling and spraying at once.

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Overall Rating
  • Great watering assistant

    Linda Hamilton, 9/23/2020 The all brass multi-hose splitter has solved my watering problems with my raised beds. It took some figuring how to rig up my watering system but this splitter is perfect for easy of access and turning water one and off from one place.
  • Exactly what I was looking for --- very high quality

    Ken, 9/6/2020 I searched other sources before ordering this multi-hose splitter from Garrett Wade. And nothing I was finding gave me the confidence to buy. I got on the Garrett Wade website, found exactly what I was looking for within about 60 seconds of being on the site, read the details. And ordered. And I could not be happier. This is exactly what I was looking for. A 100% brass unit. Of quality. That'll last. Getting harder and harder to find in our world today, but Garrett Wade is one place quality still resides. And I am glad they keep their standards and make high-quality tools and parts and things available.
  • Single 1-way faucet manifold

    William, 7/28/2020 Handy item for gardener; well made and durable.
  • Shutoff handles need to be BIGGER

    Peter Nosko, 7/3/2020 I bought several of these in 2014 and am still using them. The reason I won't rate higher is because the shutoff handles are so small and TIGHT that you can't get enough leverage to comfortably turn them on and off. MAKE THE HANDLES BIGGER!
  • Valve

    Robert Delahunty, 6/28/2020 A beautiful piece of equipment!! I am about to order more.
  • Finally a high quality brass garden hose fitting.

    Paul, 6/15/2020 Could not find quality fittings until I came across these. I am finally impressed.
  • Does the job nicely.

    Marty, 5/30/2020 Well made in solid brass for both the 4-way manifold and the 45-degree elbow, with well-designed stop-cocks in the former. Together the two met our needs for setting up timed drip-watering in two raised beds, while leaving 2 other faucet hookups accessible for hand-watering out in the yard.
  • decent

    LARRY, 5/26/2020 Too bad they are not made in the U.S.A. I bought 3 2way and 1 4way. One of the 2ways leaks slightly.
  • Superior!!

    John, 5/22/2020 All of your brass hose fittings and connectors are of the very highest quality. I have just placed an additional order!
  • You can't beat machined brass

    Rand, 5/1/2020 These are great. I used to have plastic hose connectors, but they all developed leaks or wore out easily. I had given up on the whole concept of quick-connect hose adapters. I'm betting these will last. In fact, I ordered another set of them.
  • Best hose connectors I have ever used

    George, 5/1/2020 We have a large flower garden with many drip irrigation connections, requiring me to drag hoses around different configuration. These quick disconnects have held up for the last 4 years and the only maintenance I need to do is spray some silcone lubricant to keep the connector slide working easily a couple of times per season. Hoses get dragged through the lawn and dirt, and I just spray the connectors with water to keep them functioning. Worth every penny.
  • Excellent

    Miss Kerileigh , 4/26/2020 Love this. Finally a well made splitter with no plastic or rusty. This one is made very well, worth the price and looks beautiful too. Easy to turn the little knobs too- no broken nails.
  • Finally

    Ron Korzecke, 4/21/2020 I was tired of the plastic parts on the manifolds that are available in local stores so I searched for a brass unit and found this one. Even the valve operator levers are metal. It would be nice to see the Country of manufacture.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the Multi-Hose Splitter. It's made in Taiwan.
  • Well Made

    C. Call, 4/20/2020 Good solid hose splitter. Quality brass. No leaks. Well worth the money
  • Seems well made

    Robin, 4/9/2020 This is a very nice product. After buying 2 at Ace, and both of them breaking, and them not taking the 2nd one back, I got tired of shopping local. This looks like it will last and not break at the fitting. The price was not that high for what you get. I look forward to making an entire summer with 4 hoses.
  • Quality

    Linda, 4/3/2020 Well made product at a good price.
  • brass female fittings

    julia carter, 7/19/2019 This is my second purchase of these male-female fittings. It is so nice to work with quality products that actually do what they say they will do, don't leak or cross-thread. I am sick of the garbage you get at big-box stores.
  • Appear to be quality connectors. Are working well 1st season!

    B. Collins, 7/3/2019 These are very nice connectors. I bit the bullet and bought all the configurations as I'm tired of having so many mis-matched connectors. They are lighter weight than I thought a solid brass connector would be, but they are working great (no leaks) and I am very pleased.
  • Solid manifold

    Marty, 6/22/2019 So far so good. I've had these manifolds before and the plastic shut off valves always broke. This one was more expensive but the whole thing is brass. Much more robust.
  • Top notch!

    Thomas T., 6/17/2019 Carefully and robustly made. Smooth operating. Precision fit. No leaks. Perfect!
  • Brass Hose Splitter

    Dean L., 5/16/2019 Last year a brass hose splitter was purchased for a hardware store. Had high hope for it because of the brass construction material. Immediately broke the plastic connector, and the never-used individual shutoffs were difficult to use. This splitter is sturdier, and easier to use.
  • Solid

    MM, 5/10/2019 Solid and high quality, works great, no leaks!
  • The Best Two-Outlet Hose Splitter...By Far

    Josephe Rose, 2/10/2019 In the past year I purchased several brass multi-hose splitters from my local big-box store only to have each break in a very short time. They looked good but had a definite weak spot. Last month I discovered what appeared to be a stronger item online from Garrett Wade and ordered it. What a difference! This is a very sturdy unit compared to what I previously purchased. So much is that the case that I ordered another yesterday for the hose bib on the other side of my house
  • Terrific for changing Nozzles!

    Roberta Cohen, 12/9/2018 Great for when you use several different types of nozzle. I have had these and needed a few more for my collection.
  • Good quality

    Allan W Mojzisik, 11/19/2018 Excellent quality.
  • Hose splitter

    Robert Kochanek, 7/27/2018 Hose elbow comes in handy better for attaching the garden hose
  • High Quality

    Steve, 6/28/2018 Cheaper ones are available from big box stores, but lack quality and don't last. These are lifetime heavy duty, high quality connectors.
  • Great quality and value.

    Thomas Kidder, 6/25/2018 High quality solid brass. Impervious to the weather, valves are water-tight, no leaks. Will last decades. Typical of Garrett-Wade quality and value.
  • Quick Change Garden Hose Connector

    Jonathan Williams, 5/30/2018 This product is built great and works fantastic ! Saves me time connecting to my power washer and Lawn mower as well !!!
  • Works Great

    Brent Zaniewski, 5/26/2018 They all work great, just make sure you're using Teflon to extra leak prevention.
  • Solid Quality

    Brent Zaniewski, 5/26/2018 Solid quality. Slap on Teflon on before installation and it's good to go.
  • Excellent faucet splitter

    Dallas , 5/24/2018 Very nice, high quality, heavy brass splitter! I'm very happy with this purchase.
  • valve parts

    Florence Levine, 5/4/2018 was looking for an all brass splitter, had plastic parts with brass, never lasted and wasn't cheap. So far so good and is good to the touch.
  • Brass hose fittings

    Roger Allard, 4/20/2018 Quality I was looking for!!
  • Top Quality Garden and Hose Items

    Scott Sklar, 4/9/2018 Garrett Wade offers the best quality garden tools and components. Their brass hose fittings are top-of-the-line and always last longer than what I can get anywhere else.
  • Quality

    Mik, 4/7/2018 Excellent product. Quality much better than you find in the ‘big box’ stores
  • Solid Brass Multi-Hose Splitter

    James Bragg, 10/13/2017 This solid brass multi-hose splitter is very well made and it lets me keep my pressure washer hooked up and not have to unhook and hook in order to water my garden and do other chores . The cut-off valve is very useful....Just what the doctor ordered !!!
  • Very handy!

    Ed Epping, 4/1/2017 Well made, convenient for multiple hoses running in various directions, quality item. All that I have come to expect from the merchandise selected and sold by GarretWade
  • Almost perfect

    Lock McShane, 2/6/2017 I have been buying these for years; they are the best built with all-metal construction. The only beef I have with the 1-way and 4-way is that they don't have the same female nut that can be tightened with a wrench, instead of the vice-grips required on the 1 and 4 way.
  • Quality

    Jim, 1/3/2017 Brass is good
  • Four hose faucet at the dog park

    Fred Cruger, 12/28/2016 Perfect item for our dog park, where we have multiple watering dishes (each with their own automatic valve), plant watering hose, and dog washing hose. We've had some minor vandalism, but this fixture was easy to mount securely, so theft is not a problem. We had an earlier unit, but one of the four faucets simply severed cleanly at the threaded portion when a hose was unthreaded, so this unit is the replacement.
  • Farm Tough Hose Manifold

    Cathy Payne, 12/18/2016 We're using this product on our farm to replace less sturdy, inferior products. With one faucet for every two paddocks, we often need two hoses working at each one. I love the solid construction and metal parts.
  • Good product

    Julie Thompson, 9/6/2016 My landscaper liked this tool!
  • 2-Way Faucet Manifold

    Robert Ball, 8/1/2016 The Multi Hose Faucet is a well built, well engineered hose connection. It's designed to last and it's easy to use. The plastic fitting it replaces was gladly discarded.

  • Long term use !

    Greg !, 5/8/2016 Solid & will be a nice, long term helper !
  • wonderful quality

    Patty, 5/1/2016 My son said he had some he bought but was truly impressed with the quality of the ones I bought.
  • 2-Way Faucet

    Don, 9/8/2015 Solid, it feels like it will last. Wish the valve handles were a little bigger so as to be easier to turn.
  • Nice Single Shut-Offs

    Henry W., 7/28/2015 Bought plenty of spares. Tried on and works perfect. Should hold up like my 10+ yr older ones.
  • 4-Way Hose Shutoffs

    Henry W., 7/28/2015 The 4-way tap 'looked' well made...but after installing it, saw it had a pin-hole" leak created by a poor casting. Otherwise it seemed to be well built. Returned and requested an exchange.. will see how the casting looks when I get the replacement."
  • Nice To Have

    Henry W., 7/28/2015 Always losing spare washers... got these and they look fine... just need to keep them from getting lost!
  • Great Customer Service

    Fgreen, 7/25/2015 Big thanks and admiration to GW for the way they handled a complaint with integrity and professionalism. I've had some trouble with these manifolds. I reviewed it poorly. GW contacted me on their own and asked for info about how the item broke. They acted like they truly cared. Which I think they did. That's the way to do business and build customer loyalty. Thanks, GW, for being a stand-up company.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Yes, we do truly care. Customer satisfaction is important to us. We appreciate your following up! Thank you.
  • Top Quality

    John Russell, 7/5/2015 This adapter is far and away better than the plastic versions from the big chain stores. They also seal much better with no seepage.
  • Brass Multi-Hose Faucet

    Marv Trott, 4/15/2015 This Multi-Hose Faucet control valves turns the water on and off with ease. I would highly recommend it over any other brand.
  • First Class Tools

    John Murrill, 3/30/2015 No junk here, all brass, as it should be.
  • Great Product

    Beau C., 5/22/2014 I just wanted to say Thank You for providing a Great Product at a pretty good price. I was impressed by the craftsmanship & heft of this hose manifold. My Dad used to always say you get what you pay for, and with your Company I can see You have made this a true statement. I am Very pleased with the hose manifold and look forward to trading with you more in the future. Again, Thank You. P.B. Cummins
  • Best Multi-Hose Faucet Ever

    Andrew Beem, 5/18/2014 This multi-hose combo is built to last forever and is easy to use.It looks fantastic and I absolutely love it!!!
  • I would give it 5 but it only has 4 outlets

    David, 2/13/2014 I had one of these with 5 outlets, I cannot find that same one, bought 7 years ago and lasted until this years hard freeze killed one of the outlets. That one, like this one, was solid brass but it had 5 outlets instead of just 4. I purchased 2 of these, am using one and keeping the other as a spare. Don't bother with the ones with plastic or other materials, get this solid brass one and know you have the best there is!
  • The Best Faucet Ever!

    Mary A, 9/26/2013 The quality of this dual facet with shutoff is great. I have used another one that worked ok but this one is a much better quality and it didn't cost much more. Thank You for an outstanding product.
  • Beautiful Valve

    George, 8/11/2013 A beautiful, heavy, nicely constructed valve that doesn't leak and works smoothly. I expect that it will last for years with no problems. The only problem is that brass tarnishes.
  • So Convenient

    Mary, 6/25/2013 These 4 port manifolds are wonderful! Solid brass, the shut off valves are sturdy.We bought 2!
  • The best

    Ginny, 7/1/2011 This is the best manifold out there. The heavy-duty hex tightening nut makes the best seal at the faucet - no plastic to crack or lightweight hose connection to bend out of shape. Solid metal construction - no plastic valve handles to break! I have two in soaker hose service for more than 3 years.
  • Solid faucet manifold

    Chris Conley, 7/4/2010 Just what I hoped for. A solid brass 4-outlet faucet manifold. It fits a standard hose bib. Comes with stabilizing rod if it cantilevers too far from house, but we didn't need it. Very satisfaied.
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