Solid Brass Quick-Change Garden Hose Fittings

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Bestseller Solid Brass Quick-Change Garden Hose Fittings
Make watering your garden almost effortless.
62K13.10 Complete Quick Change Set (set of all 4)

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62K13.01 Female Adapter (#1)

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62K13.11 Female Adapter #1 - (set of 3)

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62K13.02 Faucet End Connector (#2)

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62K13.12 Faucet End Connector #2 - (set of 3)

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Regular Price: $27.60

Special Price $23.40

62K13.03 Male Adapter (#3)

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62K13.13 Male Adapter #3 - (set of 3)

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Regular Price: $27.60

Special Price $23.40

62K13.04 Hose End Connector (#4)

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62K13.14 Hose End Connector #4 - (set of 3)

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Brass Hose Connector Hardware

Don’t let a leaky plastic hose connector get you down. Brass is far superior to plastic, resisting weathering and corrosion to give you fixtures with long service life. These fittings turn standard threaded hoses, pipes, and spigots into quick-change fixtures for easier switching. That means less time bent over struggling with wet hose connectors. They’re also a great way to join two (or more) hoses together to hit the farthest reaches of your yard or garden.

Solid machined brass fittings are infinitely superior in durability to plastic-hardly more expensive, they're simply a better value. These convert standard screw-on fittings to quick-connect, allowing rapid changing of accessories and rapid movement of the hose from faucet to faucet. In addition, if you need to increase the length of your hose, the hose connector can also be used to attach two hoses together.

The Female adapter (#1) screws directly to the tap. The tap-end connector (#2) screws into the tap end of the hose and snaps into (#1).

The Hose-end connector (#4) screws to the male threaded end of the hose. (Ours also has an automatic water-stop valve in it, which closes instantly when disconnected.) Finally, the male adaptor (#3) screws into the nozzle or other spray device and is then snapped in (#4), completing the assembly from tap to nozzle.

The Quick Connect Hose Connector Set includes one each of (#1), (#2), (#3), & (#4). Get additional female adaptors (#1) and extra male adaptors (#4) to equip more taps and more spraying accessories with a quick connect function using the same hose.

Durable Gardening Equipment

Two of the biggest things we consider with the tools we offer is how long they last and if they make our work a little easier. It’s how you know you have something that provides a great value. Be sure to take a look at our product demonstrations to see just how easy these fixtures make connecting your hoses. Get your brass hose connector hardware online from Garrett Wade today. 

If you would like to place a bulk order for this item, please get in contact with our dedicated Wholesale Customer Service Representative here.
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Customer Ratings and Reviews

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Overall Rating
  • Impressive

    Stephen L., 9/6/2020 Very well made and functions beautifully. I rarely get impressed by products these days, most of what you see are cheap and barely functional. These are very well made, high quality brass and should last forever!
  • Very good quality

    Rick Barber, 8/30/2020 The quick change hose fittings work great. A big improvement over the plastic I had before.
  • Great Product

    Beverly, 7/10/2020 When I initially read all of the glowing reviews, I thought, "Nothing could be that great." Well, after purchasing and using all summer, these connectors are FABULOUS. Money well spent. You get what you pay for.
  • Quick Connect

    Ellen Allison, 6/26/2020 After ordering and receiving the quick connect pieces I needed, come to find out they do not fit the quick connect sections I already have. I thought they would be universal size wise, but perhaps the intent is to buy the complete set of connectors from one supplier.
  • Quality, Commercial grade fittings

    Paul, 6/15/2020 Great Quality. I have ordered more. Love these.
  • Best hose quick connect I've seen!

    Juanita Hahn, 6/8/2020 These quick connects do not disappoint!! I wanted quality or nothing, and quality is what I got!! They are so easy to operate, even for someone like me with arthritis in my hands. leaks!! I will be buying more.
  • Great!

    Victor Barrera, 6/7/2020 Quick Connects are great
  • buyer

    Larry Mcginness, 5/24/2020 excellent product.
    does just what it should and allows for quick change without having to shut water off
  • Excellent Quality!

    Lynn, 5/12/2020 Excellent quality! I have struggled with leaking connections for year, and these do not leak!
  • Looking forward to years of service from these

    Rand, 5/1/2020 I ordered six of these, and the accompanying female-end connectors, and liked them so well I ordered some more. I love the way the sliding sleeve on the connector has a pin so you can grip it when threading the connector on or off a hose.
  • garden hose fitting

    Benay, 4/4/2020 Very easy to use once I figured out the trick to attach to the nozzle. No leaking. Leaving it attached to the nozzle I can use in the front too.
  • The best on the market

    stephen, 12/16/2019 I've tried connectors like these from other manufacturers. These are the best on the market
  • Another Great Product from Garrett Wade .

    Lawrence, 11/13/2019 Very good product .Have installed these brass connectors and they work great .Very easy to remove the hose now, no tools required .Should have gotten these sooner .
  • Real BRASS - Real GOOD

    Ken, 6/4/2019 These BRASS connectors are great. Smooth connections; no leaks; rotates freely. Did I mention they are BRASS (not brass-colored aluminum found elsewhere). Easily replaceable o-rings on the male connectors. Great design. Awesome (...if hose connectors can be awesome...)
  • Yes, these are worth it

    Michael, 4/17/2019 Yes, these are the real deal and definitely worth the money. I have had the plastic ones, the pot metal ones and even the "other" brass ones. No comparison.
  • Only wish I found these years ago!

    Peter King, 4/7/2019 First hose quick connect style adaptors that I’ve found that don’t leak, don’t spray everywhere when disconnecting and allow full throughout.
    Wish I had found these a long time ago, as I am hard on my yard fittings.
  • Female hose end quick connector

    Art Dubus, 3/31/2019 Excellent machine work, Like what appears to be a flapper disc internally that would prevent insects from getting inside the hose when its not connected to an appliance.
  • Good quality

    Allan W Mojzisik, 11/19/2018 Great quality product.
  • Good quality

    Allan W Mojzisik, 11/19/2018 Excellent quality
  • I'm going to order these for all my hoses.

    Justa Jewel, 8/20/2018 Best idea ever invented for switching up attachments on your garden hoses.
  • Oh baby, where have you been all my life?

    Michael Donnelly, 7/19/2018 Like the fittings on your air compressor or pressure washer, but for your garden hose and sprayers. If you’re like me, you have a few hose attachments for washing and detailing cars. With these fittings I have eliminated the hassle of shutting off the water to swap out nozzles and spray handles. Versatility is a simple click away—these are so easy to use and well crafted, why did’t someone thing of those sooner!? I bought a few additional fittings for the other hose accessories. Well worth the price.
  • Worth The Price

    Rex Blakey , 7/13/2018 Excellent product.
  • Shiny, pretty and strong

    tomboy, 6/30/2018 nice heft in the hand. Solid. Fittings are perfect and no leaks
  • High Quality

    Steve, 6/28/2018 Cheaper ones are available from big box stores, but lack quality. These are lifetime heavy duty, high quality connectors.
  • Homeowner--computer coach

    david christopherson, 6/25/2018 Have been using plastic connectors for years. Of course they break and need replacement so a constant purchase. The biggest benefit-- my wife can now use these with little effort whereas the plastic ones were always a challenge to use for her. Should have made the investment years ago
  • You need this

    Dan and Donna, 6/23/2018 Make your life easier; get the full set and live like you should. Seriously, worth every penny, and they really don't cost that much.
  • Nearly perfect

    Dan and Donna, 6/23/2018 Solid. Should have gotten this years ago. Will be getting more soon.
  • Quick change garden hose fittings

    Roy Jarrett, 6/8/2018 Great brass quick connect products. Buy these and get quality products.
  • Quick change garden hose fitting

    Roy Jarrett, 6/8/2018 Great quality product
  • Didn't know I needed them until I got them.

    David Gray, 5/20/2018 Excellent product and design. Can be used with the water pressure on. Convenient for front to back watering situations when you have just one wand. I'm going to grab a couple more here soon and even give one as a gift. Very useful parts.
  • Last ones you’ll buy!

    Curt D, 5/18/2018 These are definitely not the cheaply made fittings you find at the big box stores. The quality, fit, and easy of use if fantastic! I’ve had to fight with the cheap ones after just a few months of use. Glad I found these.
  • Best quick change couplings made

    Dave Stoiber, 5/10/2018 These quick change hose couplings are best I’ve ever tried. Very high quality in manufacturing and material. Solid and easy to use with no leaks.
  • Love the connector

    Joe Abrams, 4/9/2018 Another excellent product by GW you just can't go wrong buying from buying from this company.
  • Solid Brass Quick-Change Garden Hose Fittings

    John C, 11/15/2017 Quality product at a fair price.
  • Well Made & Hard to Find Quality

    Lawrence Brindisi, 10/30/2017 Very well made with smooth, precise threads. Fittings (male / female) connect to hose/tap and each other smoothly and snugly. A very good product and nearly impossible to find this quality in a high street (retail) shop these days.
  • Great quality for the money

    Sue, 10/13/2017 Good quality products!
  • Great Product

    Chris, 10/8/2017 Great strength, made well, makes life easier with the quick connections.
  • TAM

    TAM, 9/29/2017 Well made and good price on sale. Excellent customer service.
  • Well Made

    Dan Williams, 9/26/2017 Well made item works as it should.
  • brass quick connect

    Hope Shabloski, 9/14/2017 Love the quick connects, makes life so much easier and tasks quicker
  • Brass fitting for my garden hose

    Ernest Broe, 9/10/2017 Easy to install and fit the pistol grip nozzle with ease.
  • Hand savers!

    Lynn Martinez, 8/28/2017 I love these brass quick connects for my hoses. As a 'little old lady' gardener, I don't have the strength I once had in my hands, so not having to tighten and loosen hoses and sprinklers, etc., is a real blessing! And it's be really hard to find such high quality brass fittings. Thank you so much
  • Great choice of Complete Quick Change Set (set of all 4)

    Peter, 8/15/2017 I took a chance on this product based on the reviews that i read. Now that i have received and installed i am extremely satisfied i made the right purchase. All items fit my hose, tap, and pressure washer. I bought a few extra pieces so i could quickly change to a watering nozzle or another tap around the house.
  • Brass hose fittings are good.

    Leo Partridge, 8/14/2017 Quick change hose fittings appear well made and operate with ease.
  • Solid brass hose fittings

    Kathleen, 8/4/2017 Love these! I purchased two sets. Very quick changes and no leaks. I need to purchase individual pieces as I want to have the sprinklers prepared to receive the hoses. It is a pleasure to not have to stop and unscrew the hose then screw it into the faucet. Very easy.
  • Quick change set

    Larry Carpenter, 7/26/2017 I purchased the quick change set and attachments. They are the best made that I have found. One review said that you could run and elephant over them. Not having an elephant handy I did give them a test. There was a small problem on my order but customer service stepped in and took care of it. Very pleased with order and service. Thank you
  • Great product

    Simone P Javaher, 7/25/2017 Works like a charm once you get the knack of releasing and inserting compatible nozzles. No leakage and makes watering so much easier.
  • quick release connectors

    Stephen Smith, 7/23/2017 Well after reading the reviews I bought a set of them. After putting them on and turning the water on, there wasn't enough water pressure to run a sprinkler. No where in any of the reviews did anyone say anything about the restrictors in them, so with a hammer and punch I knocked out the plastic restrictor, also I had a reamer that went to 1/2 " and reamed them what a big difference it made. They now work like they should. The rubber washers in mine are so soft they distorted and leaked and I had to replace them. Thats why they only get 3 stars. Should not of had to do any of that stuff to them. Other than that they are solid brass and should last a long time. Someone needs to tell them leave the restrictor OUT!
  • Solid Brass Quick-change Garden Hose Fittings

    Derek Goto, 7/13/2017 Very high quality item; built to last.
  • Quick release connectors

    Dallas, 6/30/2017 like the quality of the connectors. The only fault I have is that they appear to be made for the 5/8" hose instead of the larger 3/4 inch.
  • Quick connect good quality

    Mike, 6/30/2017 Quick connectors appear to be very good quality. The added bonus is you can swap attachments without the need to turn off the water or install a shutoff before the quick connect.
  • quick connect connectors

    Harold Finch, 6/24/2017 I like the quality of the connectors. I recently purchased a collapsible hose and my other quick connect won't work with it. These do.
  • Superior Designed Connectors

    Marc Spencer, 6/23/2017 I purchased two complete quick change sets along with three sets of three of the male adapters to handle the different number of hose end devices I attach. We have many different drip hoses in our gardens and flower beds. We also have a variety of sprinklers and wands to take care of our watering needs. I have had other brass quick connectors from a few of the big box hardware stores in the area. Most have failed over time, or become hard to connect/disconnect. These connecters are very well built and have a superior o-ring design to prevent leaks. The design feature that really sets these apart is the automatic water-stop valve built into the hose end connector. This saves us a great deal of time, since we no longer have to go back to the tap turn off the water, change the connector, and turn the water back on again. Bravo!!
  • Quick Release Hose Connectors

    Stan, 6/10/2017 We live in a climate that is cold, yet dry, in winter. When there isn't snow on the ground, it can be warm enough that grass and plants need watering. So, we go several months of the year connecting and disconnecting hoses frequently. Over the years, we have tried numerous quick-release hose connectors. The connectors from Garrett Wade are superior, by orders of magnitude, in both materials, craftsmanship and function to any other connectors we have owned in the past. We have them on all of our hoses, and have purchased them for our son as well. This is a high-quality item that works as advertised. It has made us committed Garrett Wade customers.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner June 2017 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Stanley!!
  • Thanks!

    David, 6/2/2017 Excellent quality and easy to use.
  • In the Age of Plug & Play

    Michael, 5/29/2017 In the age of Plug & Play these are them for gardening I bought the set of four, but needed more male to male connector so I got the set of 3 you need them for the hoses screw them in each hose and you're good to go no leaks at connections. Rocky start only got 2 of 3, but they promptly sent the third one. Best thing I got for my garden just plug it in and start watering.
  • Superior Connectors

    rex, 5/26/2017 Your brass connectors for my water hoses, sprinklers, soakers, faucets and nozzles save water, time and swearing. Those I bought from your company are superior and take care of all of my watering requirements quickly and with a reasonable number of greenbacks.

    Adrianne Hunt, 5/22/2017 I bought the Female Adapter #1 and the Hose End Connector #3. I bought these connectors for my garden hoses which have warm/hot water running through them. The plastic ones always failed, no matter which ones I used. The plastic ones failed even with cold water, let alone using hot. These metal ones don't. Nice heavy weight metal, not cheap metal like in other products. PLUS, the best part is that you can buy whichever item you need individually, without having to by a pack that doesn't have the exact items you need. Not a leak in sight. Highly recommend these fittings.
  • Brass fittings

    GMeme, 5/20/2017 Excellent quality!!!
  • Brass Fittings

    GMeme, 5/20/2017 Best quality ever!!
  • Awesome fittings

    Chris Gachot, 5/13/2017 These are the best hose fittings I have found. I have tried many of them. They also make great gifts!
  • A great time and annoyance saver!

    Stephen, 4/30/2017 These fittings are very well made and easy to use. I've spent the last several years being annoyed with accessories that I could never quite get to fit properly onto the hose end (they would leak). Or by other ones that I could there properly, but only after tightening them so much that it was almost impossible to remove then again when it was time to change accessories. This spring I finally decided enough was enough and bought a set of these fittings, and a few extras for some of my other accessories and I'm already incredibly glad I did. They screwed onto the hose and to my sprinkler, soaker hose, and spray gun easily and tightly, with no leaks, and I never have to worry about screwing or unscrewing them again. Now when I want to use the sprinkler I just quickly and easily pop it on, and when I'm done I just remove it. I've only had these a few weeks so far, but they feel very solid, I don't see any part that feels like it's likely to break and I imagine they'll last a long time.

  • Owner

    Spiritual Harvest, 4/25/2017 My tools and garden accessories are in constant use and put under strain frequently. After years of enduring the annoyance of leaky and broken fittings and constant breakdowns one must bite the bullet and realize you get what you pay for. These fittings are commercial caliber machined brass with solid ball bearings; no plastic. They will most likely be the last ones you’ll ever need to buy.
  • amazing

    Ben, 4/15/2017 I am thrilled how well these work. Leak free connections and I can easily swap between the soaker hose, nozzle, and pressure washer without turning off the water.
  • Quality

    Ron, 4/2/2017 No leaks.
  • A must have

    Ed A Epping, 4/1/2017 The female and male adapters/connectors are such a welcomed part of getting the watering system up and running every year. Saves time, secured the connection and increases mobility and flexibiliy of your needs around the garden and yard.
  • Absolutely the best quick-change hose fittings, bar none!

    John Snyder, 3/6/2017 They don't come any better than these fittings! After going through loads of inferior brass-plated fittings from one of the big box stores, an online search turned up these great fittings from Garrett Wade. We run a small farm operation, so need to quickly move and assemble hoses around the property to reach poultry houses, greenhouses, and garden areas. These work superbly, are heavy-duty, and will last and last. If there is a downside, it is the high flat shipping rate.

  • Great item

    Mike, 1/10/2017 No leaks, everything fits great. Probably the best quick disconnects I have ever had for my hoses. I am looking forward to many years of service from this disconnects.
  • Farm Tough!

    Cathy R. Payne, 12/6/2016 I have a sustainable farm with pastured animals that are watered with hoses from various hydrants. We connect and disconnect frequently as we move to new paddocks and in freezing weather to drain the water. After struggling with quick connects from other companies that broke or corroded and became a struggle, we discovered the Garrett Wade brand. We've been replacing the old kind with these and are so glad we did!
  • "Solid as a rock"

    Snappy, 9/27/2016 These fittings are solid as a rock. (Hope they are made in the USA!) So nice to have something other than cheap brittle fittings. Strongly recommend.
  • hose connectors

    tom herd, 9/12/2016 these are just wonderful if you use multiple hose devices a true neccisity for the gardener highly recommended
  • Great product

    Patty, 9/11/2016 Very well made, does make life easy when watering. So easy to switch out sprinklers & hoses.
  • Quick Set Change

    The Yard Keeper, 9/2/2016 Solid brass that fit well together with no leaks. I liked so well that I ordered more.
  • Nice Easy to Use Connector.

    Calvin Nichols, 8/26/2016 These are very well made of solid brass. I have been using them for several years and just love them. The only problem I had is when the o-ring goes bad finding the exact replacement has been a challenge. I can get very close but the one's I've found aren't exactly the right size. It would be nice if GW would carry a package of them.
  • Brass connectors are the wto go

    Greg Hindle, 8/16/2016 These are the bext quick connectors out there. I have tried the plastic ones and the silver, metal ones but these solid brass one don't fail, don't rusk and don't seize up. They cost a bit more but you only buy once and you do not need to replace these every other year. Simple the best out there.
  • quick change hose

    Aaron Glover, 8/14/2016 fine product, but you must buy individual parts to suit your needs, not as a set
  • Only buy connectors 3 and 4

    Kyle, 8/12/2016 I think as a quick connect coupler these stand out as the best that i have ever used and i gave a 4 star rating on the connector #4 and #3. I bout this package set without realizing that half of these connectors are a was of money only buy connectors 3 and 4. Or 1 and 2. If you get the whole package and use them like he diagram says you cannot connect 2 garden hoses together because your garden hose will have 2 female ends. I ended up buying just connectors 3 and 4 and i connect 3 or more garden hoses together to reach every corner of my acreage.
  • Hassle free garden hose connection

    Kyle, 8/12/2016 I was really impressed with the heavy duty construction of these quick connect couplers. I bought another standard type of quick connect coupler at the store and it leaked horribly, these however are leak proof. I live on a farm and am disconnecting and reconnecting hoses throughout the summer and these have been great. I gave 4 stars though because when i used these with my powerwasher there was enough restriction in the flow of water my powerwasher didnt get enough water to it to run effectively.
  • Finally a solution that works

    Debbie, 8/5/2016 I tried the plastic ones. Gave them away. Tried the brass ones at the local home improvement store. They still leaked, and the rubber pieces broke. AND they didn't connect correctly when I used a washer to stop the leaking. I'll be giving those away. BUT.....I did research, based on the quick disconnects we use at work, that operate with 1200 psi hydraulic oil hoses. My research led me to this site and these great tools. Can't wait to buy more! (I AM a tool pig, even though I'm female.)
  • Over a Decade--Still going strong

    Justin, 7/25/2016 Ordered these a decade ago, they re still going strong. Most important, unlike the plastic ones, a little dirt will not scratch up the fitting and destroy the seal. Look expensive, but not when you consider they outlast last 10 to 1.
  • Great product!

    Ronnie Stanton, 7/23/2016 Great product and performs as advertised. Just placed another order for more. Best quality on the market!
  • Easy to use

    Mark, 7/23/2016 easy to use, effective and long-lasting
  • Solid Brass Quick Change Hose Fittings

    Gerald D. Thompson, 7/19/2016 Great quality and so fast and convenient.
  • Hose end gifts

    Ron Bundy, 7/13/2016 Have you ever tried to buy something for someone who has everything? These little gadgets can't be beat. I have purchased about twenty sets of htese connectors and given away almost all of them. Everyone thanks me when they get them out of courtesy and then they really thank me after they get them hooked up at their house. Very few failures and great customer service from GW.
  • Quick Change Hose Fittings

    Donna, 7/12/2016 These quick change hose fittings are made well, and don't leak. All you could ask from this product!
  • Quick Change Hose Fittings

    Jennie Durgan, 7/12/2016 High quality and I will eventually have all hoses and attachments accommodated by these. Love the quick disconnect aspect!!
  • Great

    BuckW, 7/10/2016 I bought quick release connectors from Home Depot and Lowes for years. They last a few years and often leak. The Garrett Wade connectors are excellent and I'm sure will last for many years. In the long run they'll be a lot cheaper.
  • Great item

    Peter, 7/4/2016 These are a high quality brass item and have added "a touch of class" to the outdoor appearance of my property. They are an efficient method of connecting hoses, sillcocks and spray devices to each other. I highly recommend them to all.
  • best of the best

    larry boudreaux, 7/4/2016 have been traveling in rv for almost 30 years and these are the first quick disconnect fittings that i have found that didn't break or leak after using them for awhile.
  • Hose end connectors

    Joseph krump, 7/3/2016 I have been gardening for 40 years and have tried various connectors over the years . most of the early models were cheap plastic, then some cheap metal, I have been using these brass connectors for about 15 years with no trouble, only changing the O ring on the male end occasionally which you can purchase at local hardware stores. I was delighted to find these in the Garrett Wade catalog after searching everywhere else . These are well made and do not wear out. I would highly recommend these to all.
  • Great products, but use them in a different combination

    Michael Ayers, 6/28/2016 Really like these, though I think the hose-end connector (#3) and male adapter (#4) should be swapped. Otherwise, you can't connect two hoses together. Also, with the hose-end connector at the free end of the hose, you can't use it as just a hose until you attach something to it. Plus, it fills the hose with water, making it hard to coil until you attach something to it so you can drain it. I have several sets. It may take a bit of effort to upgrade all your hoses, faucets, and attachments (nozzles, sprinklers, etc.), but it's worth the time. The hardest part was to get my gardener to stop just unscrewing everything when he needed to move a hose.
  • Great sprayer coupling system

    Christa, 6/21/2016 Wish I knew about these years ago. Terrific coupling system and it prevents hose kinks and spray out. Terrific change out tool!
  • High quality, worth the price

    Rudi Hempe, 6/20/2016 Extremely well made devices, ten times better than the plastic stuff and considerably better than metal ones found in stores.
  • Soooooo much better!

    Tom P., 6/14/2016 SOOOOO much better than plastic and still much better than brass "equivalents" in the stores. Solid, well made, and leak proof. Makes garden chores seamless.
  • Well made and should last a lifetime.

    George Adelsperger, 5/31/2016 Well made and should last a lifetime.
  • Well made and should last a lifetime.

    George Adelsperger, 5/31/2016 Well made and should last a lifetime.
  • nice product

    eb downey, 5/29/2016 nice quality product. replaceable o-ring seals. most other products have seals that are not common, if replacement becomes necessary hard to find.
  • Highest Quality Quick-Connect

    Arthur Cohen, 5/28/2016 The absolutely best quality quick-connects I have ever seen.
  • Excellent Quality

    James Bartlett, 5/10/2016 Well built items.
  • For RV use, can't be beat

    Donald, 5/5/2016 I have tried numerous "quick connects" and these are the only ones that really hold up without a lot of leaking. If one starts to drip a bit, a light coating of plumber's silicone paste takes care of it for a long time. The only thing that I don't like about them is the female fittings come with a "shutoff" device in them. For home application, I suppose that is OK, but, I use these (a LOT of these) on all the hoses, filters, "Y" attachment, water pressure regulators, etc. associated with my RV (first trailers, now motor homes). It is a simple matter, however, to take a punch and hammer and pop those out so that it is a pass through. The little valves while nice actually restrict the water flow and enough of them in a line will virtually shut the flow off; something not desired when your "home's" water comes to via a hose and attachments. Buy these. The absolute best on the market, made well, made to last and rock solid non-drip connections.
  • The Quick Connect Set

    Louis E Strausbaugh, 4/3/2016 Excellent quality. Best quick connectors on the market. In over 35 years I have found that Garrett and Wade consistently offers the best gardening accessories. An invaluable asset to dedicated gardeners.
  • Pricey but worth it

    Charles Carroll, 4/2/2016 These are well made and they don't leak. You need to get enough of these to fit all your hose connections, but they work great!
  • Quick Connects

    Don, 9/13/2015 They don't leak. Enough said.
  • No Leaks

    Rick Davis, 8/20/2015 The hose fittings are very well cast and machined and they fit together in a tight leakproof way. Like the ones I remember watering the yard when I was a kid many years ago.
  • Wow!

    Joe, 8/3/2015 As the old adage get what you pay for! These fittings are outstanding! I should not have wasted my money on the ones sold at the Big Box" stores..."
  • Very Handy

    Danny, 6/29/2015 I have been looking for brass quick change connectors for a long time. Thanks.
  • Hose Quick Connect

    Max B Holbrook, 6/17/2015 The only hose quick connect hardware I have ever had that does not leak.
  • Excellent Product

    J F Renish, 6/11/2015 I was a little put off by the oddity of unequal sizes to US versions of the product but found that there was a method to the apparent French madness. in particular, the valve closes completely without the drama of the US versions.
  • Artist 2007

    Bill, 5/26/2015 We love quality and ease of use... other quick connectors are hard to get off.... These are easy off easy on... Perfect! Solid Brass you know you have the best!
  • Coupling Needed

    Michael, 5/17/2015 You buy these once and for sure you will pass them down to your grandchildren. Easy to use, sturdy and helpful...your hoses will wear out many times before these couplers even need a gasket changed.
  • Outstanding!!!

    Alan Price, 5/6/2015 Wish I'd discovered these long ago. All my old fittings are in the recycle bin! Absolutely no leakage and easy change over to other hose attachments. Makes all other hose fittings look like total jokes. Only problem is that I didn't order enough of the male adapters.
  • Awesome!

    Joe, 5/6/2015 I'm very happy to have found these! I've wasted quite a bit of money buying other brands locally and online, these are very well constructed and all brass. They're tight fitting and don't leak!
  • Best I Have Used

    Cory Johnson, 5/5/2015 I was reluctant to try these as I have tried several brands and was disappointed as they leaked or were difficult to connect / disconnect. These connect / disconnect so easy I was concerned of leaking but so far, there have been no leaks or seepage. I plane to buy a few more sets yet tonight.
  • Very Handy, But With One Flaw.

    Judson Roberts, 3/29/2015
  • Great Products

    John Farr, 2/24/2015 Superb products. This is not my first order. All products I have ordered were excellent.
  • High Quality Connectors

    Heidi Wise, 1/12/2015 These connectors are far superior to the plastic ones we've purchased in the past. The operation is so smooth that initially I thought they were loose because the plastic ones had always felt so stiff! I'll never buy plastic quick-connectors again. Great value.
  • Leak Free Connector

    Dennis Cone, 1/12/2015 These are the best leak free connectors I have ever used. I got tired of getting sprayed with water using other connectors because of poor design. Buy these and you won't be sorry. I removed the check valve out of a couple of the connectors to increase the flow due to special requirements, but it is not necessary.
  • Easy Coupling!

    Norvil Ferguson, 8/31/2014 I had recently purchased similar couplings at Walmart but very much inferior to the one's I purchased from your company. I had to discard the Walmart brand due to leaks and hard to connect and disconnect. Yours work wonderfully. I went and purchased a second pair of yours for my back yard hose. I just love these I purchased from you.
  • Brass Hose Fittings

    George, 8/23/2014 High quality, wish I had ordered 2 sets instead of 1.
  • Hose Quick Connects

    Brenda Stein, 8/13/2014 Bought for my husband to make it easy for him to bring our pocket hose inside (three previous ones 'died' in the heat in the past 2 months). They are easy to use and the hose comes into the garage in a bucket every time. GREAT!!!
  • Quickchange

    David, 7/15/2014 I opened my package and hooked these up and said, Now THAT'S what I'm talking about! These are the best thing since sliced bread!""
  • Great

    Leoroy Stratman, 7/9/2014 Easy to install. Did not leak. Came equipped with all necessary washers. Outstanding!
  • Faulty Gasket/Leak

    Todd, 6/9/2014 I purchased a full set of these, along with an extra #4, to be used with a power washer and my faucet. The actual pieces are very high quality and are easy to quickly connect/disconnect. Unfortunately, the additional #4 Unit I purchased has a cracked rubber gasket, or something where the unit will leak and not work. Based on how much these units cost, I would have at least hoped these items were tested prior to shipping. In my opinion, buying a quick disconnect through amazon or even Home Depot seem to be the same quality. Just another product from GW where I have had issues.
  • Very Well Made

    Judson Roberts, 6/2/2014 These things are great! Very sturdily made, and allow you to quickly and easily put a nozzle on or take it off a hose, without having to first shut off the water. After trying one set, I ordered more.
  • High Quality, No Leaks

    Bob S, 5/26/2014
  • Really Tight Tolerance

    Pam, 4/29/2014 I read the reviews and purchased three of these well built connectors. Problem is that I was unable to get them to properly seat into each other and the water pressure blew them apart. I showed them to my very handy horticultural son and he found that they needed to be lubricated for the gaskets to work properly. Now I can get them together and apart with a strong fit. Haven't used them in the garden yet but will try when I don't need to re-oil each morning for smooth operation. At first even my husband could not get them together properly. I have weak hands but he does not. Other than this problem they're built strong enough to withstand the weight of an elephant stepping on them!
  • Love These Things!

    Michael Ayers, 3/13/2014 These things are great! I've ordered more to convert all of my hose bibs, hoses, and sprayers/sprinklers to these quick-change fittings. I put them on in a slightly different order/configuration, though, to allow me to connect hoses together. My wife loves them, because it's a lot easier for her to disconnect a hose from one faucet and move it around the house to another one.
  • I think they are great. I like the fast connect and disconnect.

    Gene Coombs, 1/11/2014 As I said I like this for its fast connect and disconnect.
  • Quick Change Hose Fittings

    Rich, 9/10/2013 Well made and very functional, these quick change hose fittings ease the switching of hoses and sprinklers, making watering a pleasure and saving much time and effort.
  • Outstanding

    JB, 8/14/2013 Great product! I could only find cheap brass covered connectors at the local big box stores around Dallas. I tried a couple and of course they leaked! Started looking online and found these. They are Solid brass!! Can connect/disconnect with one hand!! They were only a few $ more than the ones that did not work, which of course is most important..... they Do Not leak!!! Thank you, happy customer.
  • Finally

    Leonard, 8/9/2013 Finally, a quality disconnect with intelligent design. Works perfectly. I've spent hundreds of dollars on numerous units and this is the best. Here's a summary of the most recent purchases (PS I have a dozen Garrett's but after the first two I had no need to measure anything).
  • Connect With These

    Mary, 6/25/2013 These brass quick connectors are not only convenient, they are beautifully made and beautiful to look at. We can't wait to buy more.
  • Finally

    Marc Fineberg, 4/13/2013 The Best Ever
  • Solid Brass Fittings

    Bill, 3/23/2013 More expensive than plastic, but if they begin to leak, just change the o-ring rather than purchase new fittings. A permanent, rather than temporary, addition to your outdoor watering system.
  • Very Happy

    Bernard Hyppolite, 2/27/2013 I am very Happy with the Quality of those Quick - Change Hose Fittings That I Purchased from your Company I will not hesitate to tell my Friends about them. Thank You very much.
  • Female Adapter Fail

    mbedan, 4/2/2012 I use and like all the fittings. However, I have had two of the female adapters (#1) fail - one within 6 months and the other within 1 year. One of them was outside all winter but I didn't think it would be an issue.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your comments regarding the Complete Quick Change Set. We are sorry that the item did not hold up as expected. Leaving this outside should not  cause a failure unless there was residual water trapped inside. A good freeze under those circumstances would cause a failure. The o-rings do wear over time. A worn o-ring will cause them to leak at the connection. Replacements are on the way. We hope this solves the problem.
  • Quick connects

    Cranerun, 12/28/2011 These quick couplers are the real deal. Our local big box had brass connectors a few years back and we bought a couple sets. They worked fine so the store quit carrying them and went to all imported junk. These here are also probably imported but they do work. If not for the s&h charges I would also say they are a good buy. That and the fact the male adapter is a bit short dropped one star. By short I mean it could have another 1/4 to 1/2 inch of threads to fit in the sprayer nozzle a bit better. It still works but there is not any room to spare. We will buy more when we can add to another order to spread out the shipping charges.
  • the best

    Steve Windham, 7/9/2011 I ordered the #1 and #2. Liked them so much I ordered more. Made really well.
  • Quick Change Hose Fittings

    John Schmid, 7/5/2011 These fittings are excellent. They are solid brass and are extremely durable. I use them in my backyard to easily change from a hose nozzle to a sprinkler in a matter of seconds. My wife uses the driveway spigot to change from a hose nozzle to a pressure nozzle to clean the driveway and to also wash our second story windows and to clean away debri in the driveway and sidewalk. She thinks these are the greatest invention in order to easily change from doing one chore to another. Very reasonably priced for what you get. A very solid and durable product.
  • The Return of Quality

    Dick Prescott, 4/4/2011 I bought several Brass quick connect fittings several years ago and they saved a lot of time in my large yard and garden moving hoses around. When it came time to get more pieces due to expanded watering needs, all I could find in the stores and at the garden shows to fit my set up were cheap plastic ones that didn't seal and broke after a short time. When I saw the ones you offered in the catalog they looked to be interchangeable with the ones I've been using for several years. I bought several sets and when they arrived (very quickly I might add) they fit perfectly and I'm now back in business with a quality product. THANKS! Dick Prescott
  • Awesome!

    Jeff, 12/31/2010 These are an ideal solution for those of us who constantly switch back and forth from lawn sprinkler to hose nozzle. Or who pull the hose off the tap at the end of a summer season and place it back on in the spring. Quality construction and the quick disconnect really works.
  • The Quickie

    Anthony Shipp, 11/18/2010 Finally perfect quick release connectors for your Garden Hoses and Spray Nozzles. Long lasting, solid & unbreakable brass connectors.
  • Quick Change Hose Fittings

    Dennis Keith, 8/6/2009 Much superior products to those found at local hardware stores. The adapters on the hardware store variety are not always interchangeable and often do not have automatic shutoff.
  • Quality

    Clay, 5/7/2009 Quality product. I would like to see the male adapter be available without the automatic shut off since this reduces the flow of water through the fitting for applications or nozzles whereby you want maximum flow.

    Jim, 4/17/2009 These quick-change fittings are better than what you get at the home centers. They work better and do not leak.
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