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Winter Sale Solid Brass Scrubbers (3)
Beechwood Palm Grip
German Made
45A03.30 Solid Brass Scrubbers (3)

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BBQ grills are known for naturally getting very dirty with baked-on food and meat particles, heavy grease and cooking smoke. They need to be really scrubbed – hard – to get them decently clean again. The flaw that almost all BBQ scrub brushes have is that it’s very difficult to maintain high hand pressure on the area being cleaned, because the scrubber is just too large.

These German-made Solid Brass Scrubbers each use over 1,000 pieces of solid brass wire set in a European Beechwood palm-grip handle. The scrubbing surface is only 2 in diameter. Since the flat-top handle sits in your palm, all the hand and arm pressure you want to apply is easily directed to the point of contact. You work fast and efficiently as a result. Highly recommended as simply a better tool – and a great value. Sold as a set of three.

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  • Great Scrubbers

    Matthew Miller, 8/28/2018 I bought these as a gift for my father-in-law. He likes the way they feel in the hand when you apply pressure. Very well made tool.
  • brass scubbers

    John Moreau, 5/16/2017 It does what I thought it would do works great.
  • Handy Scrubbing Tool

    Hughtron, 11/4/2013 Nice scrubbing & cleanup tool for ferrous materials, solidly built.
  • Solid Scrubber

    CJ, 3/18/2013 Very comfortable palm handle, and durable bristles. I like to use these for cleaning paella pans and cast iron pots which have been used over a wood fire. They remove soot easily, and do not blacken as much as sponges or synthetic scrubbers.
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